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He got a chance to take a break in studies and family business, pack one big bag, buy tickets and head to the non-African country. He chose Georgia. Why? That’s #cheap&beautiful and he has a friend here. He has already spent one month on Couchsurfing in Tbilisi, sharing food and wine with another fellow countryman in the heart of a capital. Rami met us with a big smile near the metro and was so curious about our long way from Poland. He quickly showed us an apartment, offered tea and saved me with his towel (it was dry, clean and without bacteria!!!) as my extremely small backpack has taught me always to rely on hosts’ kindness and to pack only most needed things.


It might seem as we could have had many confusing situation and misunderstandings. Two Egyptians, one Polish and a Ukrainian – different continents, different histories, points of view, religious (or lack of it), and personal perspectives on life. Enough to become irritated. In fact, the more you differ, the long conversations you have. We couldn’t stop talking. Rami was so generous and always paid for us in the metro, showed us old Tbilisi, amazing bridges, took us to the ropeway (must see in Tbilisi) and invited us to the Georgian and then to the Egyptian restaurants. Kiro brought homemade wine, cards and together with funny stories we spent the night talking, laughing and playing. The point is, that there are no cultural differences between us that would hinder to build a friendship. It’s all in your head. Media wants these generation, culture, intelligent gaps to exist. They are all imaginative. Unreal.
friends in Tbilisi
Kiro and Ramy couldn’t stand sleeping with opened window and eating bread. “Unbelievably cold. Fuck. Guys, it’s too cold for people. And bread? How can you eat it? That’s so heavy and unhealthy “. We were laughing and ordered one more plate of khinkali. Yuuum!
Ramy felt that it’s his duty to show us Egyptian cuisine. Shisha, pancake-like shashlyk with bean (and something really strange but delicious) mixture inside of it made me promise him to come to Egypt ASAP 🙂  #egypt #imcoming

You want to do it? Why not!

On our last day, we hugged our host, gave him a present from Poland and started a journey to Kutaisi. Hitchhiking, of course:) Ramy couldn’t let us go alone and decided to come with us to the hitchhiking point. The first and biggest problem was to find and stop a marshrutka that goes to Tbilisi mall. The point is, marshrutkas don’t have their own stops and you just wave your hand in order to show that it should pick you up. They can stop everywhere – in the middle of the road, on the pedestrian crossing and at the traffic light, everywhere, where Your Majesty wishes. Tbilisi is all about breaking rules and non-European behavior! The capital just screams “You want to cross the road on a red light, do it! Do you want to sell your bananas on the street? Here you are! If you die, it’s your problem!
After asking 5 passers-by and changing the sides of the road 3 times we finally managed to pick the right marshrutka and get to the highway. Five minutes. We caught our co-travelers.
As you can already guess they invited us for lunch, bought honey bread in Georgian Siberia and we met our family in 4 hours.
Babushka cooked Ukrainian borscht and pancakes again, boys invited us to the local pub and their parents took us to the park in the neighbor village, turned on music and played snowballs with us all night long. Sister of one of our Georgian friends was teaching us folk dances, boys were throwing snowballs in us and we all were dancing under the falling snow till we all were completely wet and tired.

Thank you, Georgia!Tbilisi view

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