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One myth exists- Hitchhikers are poor people whose only aim is to use your vehicle and reach a destination. In addition, if they are boys, they can be dangerous robbers with a knife ready to rip your throat. Seriously? People don’t need dirty wet cardboard with the written city name on it, 20 kg backpacks, not fresh Hawaiian T-shirts and a bottle with last drops of water from the gas station tap to rob and kill you. I don’t want to describe how criminals supposedly look like. Maybe you were lucky enough to visit unprivileged areas of non-EU post-communist countries or at least you watched shocking news that present it sitting on your comfortable leather sofa with a fatty burger. So, we, Hitchhikers, differ a little bit.

We love meeting up, talking about every silly thing, eating three-day-old sandwiches and stay 2 hours on a highway expecting a miracle!

Hitchhiking in Georgia

You have already read about our first and best car in Georgia. However, after 2 days that we spent with boys and babushka we started our Kutaisi – Tbilisi road. The first car (by car I mean a 50-year old truck with a lack of 25% components) has been driven by an old Georgian who told me a family story after 5 minutes sitting next to him. “Georgia is my life! I will never let my kids leave it. This is blood and land!” I asked him why he never traveled abroad with children. The answer was simple – “Everything that my soul ever needed was given by my country: mountains, sea, forests, food, love of my life, kids, work and wine, of course. I relaxed. We were in good hands of a patriot. He stopped a car. Grabbed some coins. Obviously, he didn’t have any banknotes. “Wait! ” Omar came back with cigarettes and two bottles of Coca-Cola for us. “Not wine but still good!” He decided to drive us even further so we would have more chances to catch the next car. “Write down your FB pages, girls! My kids will find you there and we are waiting for you in summer in Batumi at our home by the sea! Take care, devushki!”

Hitchhiking in Georgia

Next victim…

We waited only 6 minutes and a luxury car (as for Georgia) picked us up. Here, I won’t describe the first conversation. The fact is, he thought we were prostitutes. Yep, not a typical reaction of a Georgia adult man to young girls with backpacks, 2 scarves, warm hats, and five sweaters! After a million questions whether we have boyfriends, where we live, and if we want to join him in a ski resort not far away from Tbilisi, I was just laughing out of his questions. Finally, Maxo confessed he wanted to check up why we were traveling alone. And shared the sad facts that most of the eastern European girls get to Georgia escaping from Turkish prostitution regulations. It’s easier for them to make dirty money here, due to governmental cooperation with Turkish monopoly. Conditions are better, life is cheaper, wide selection of clients.

Georgian mountains

As it turned out, Maxo was a gentleman with a kind heart and reach knowledge about Georgian history and its relationship with the EU and Russia. It was difficult for me to agree with his points of view as he was rather a pessimist patriotically focused on Georgian enemies. However, the homemade bread with honey and raisins bought in Georgian Siberia that we were passing proved his best intentions towards us. We got his phone number, an invitation to Batumi in summer and thousands of compliments. We were about to leave his car in a village where our paths were diverging. “Such nice girls shouldn’t hitchhike” and bought bus tickets to Tbilisi for both of us. Next two days we spent with Egyptians…


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