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Even though many will tell you Christmas is a family holiday, that must be spent next to a fireplace. And somehow it turns out you want to go and experience a bit of the world solo. Go!

There is no better time than Christmas. You will connect to new people around Christmas markets. You can easily find a mate for skiing, sledding, or hiking.

Plus, you can always save a pretty good amount of money by trying alternative ways of spending the Xmas.

Currently, I am on my 5th solo-trip in Spain and just took the time to list my favorite destinations for going alone during the beautiful period of Christmas

1. Spain

The country is famous for its openness, generosity, and warmth. During Christmas Holidays locals all go out, sing, dance on the streets, grab a coffee, and wrap the presents. As the weather here is the most pleasant one in Europe, more activities are available. Also, in winter it is a season of oranges, kaki, and pomegranates in Spain. The smells of orange pies, pomegranate latte will overwhelm you on every street.

Use Airbnb Experiences to try something new, attend local events to meet new people.

FB and CS groups are just wonderful for integration with travelers.

Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Alicante, Barcelona – the smell of chocolate, turron, and oranges will make your solo trip one of the easiest.

People are easy to get along with so don’t be afraid to make friends even on the streets.

palma de mallorca street life

palma de mallorca for winter holidays2. Portugal

The country of surfing, wineries, and colors. There are not so many Christmas markets, but instead of it, street bands perform here and there.

Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra, Lisbon, Faro in Portugal – places lit with Christmas and beaches are nicely fresh and empty.

I spent Christmas 2017 in Aveiro and cannot thank enough for the magnificence of the country and Santas wearing shorts and joking days long.

aveira in winter3. Cyprus

A unique mix of Turkish, Greek and local culture with a nice add of new-coming specialties. The weather is fresh and always sunny. When would you eat ice-cream every day during December? You can take a nice trip to the island caves or waterfalls.

And trust me, Cypriots will make you dance, drink, and celebrate the night.

I have visited the island in March 2018 and that is the best decision to feel the sun while all Europe is frozen.

Read more about Cyprus!

paphos in winter

4. Poland

Not the warmest place ever, but the local cuisine will make the days unforgettable.

I would definitely suggest spending Christmas Eve in Krakow or Wroclaw. Two traditional southern cities, tourist-friendly and magical during the Xmas. Locals fill the city center with grilled goat cheese, mulled wine, and long sausages served with small potatoes and vegetables. D

Don’t forget to check out the mountains and a small village of Zakopane just 2h from Krakow!


The country where I used to celebrate every New Year and Christmas and I definitely recommend you to experience these days in an Orthodox way. Remember that Ukraine celebrates Christmas on 7th January. So during the Catholic Christmas, the streets are still busy and most of the places are opened.

Ukrainians are easy-going people with a nice sense of humor. The only con is the low level of English skills. However, I am sure some good parties can solve this problem.

Kyiv in winter

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