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I could find only three faces of Odessa that are so different, unique, and shocking, The Jewish old houses with specific construction of stairs, balconies, and garden. My family decided to find the place, where my father stayed 45 years ago once he visited Odessa. Imagine the moment when you enter the same gate, see the same surnames on the post box, and even cats seem not to be changed. You just enter another reality that is not visible from the street. Everything seems to be stuck together with magical glue – several roofs, different gardens one above another, pots of flowers and children toys, wet clothes after the laundry and t-shirts that are used as curtains.

odessa life

jewish quarter in odessa

odessa ukraine

odessa living

must visit odessaJewish gardens created the atmosphere of such a strong friendship between neighbors that I have never experienced.

The second part of Odessa was made of restaurants, cafes and rare beautiful architecture. I had to try hard to find something more besides The Theater of Opera and Ballet, Cathedral and some building in the downtown. And Potemkin stairs that play the role of a symbol of Odessa? I definitely expected something more than grey stairs, but well…

Odessa made an impression on me that young couples with mojitos and shishas were everywhere you look. Restaurants on Deribasovskaya Street that compete with each other and try to catch all customers using even enormous bear-like costumes with 28 degrees outside.

odessa architecture

trip to odessa

I was rather disappointed with the beauty of old Odessa than satisfied. I can barely get why people travel here from all over Ukraine to spend three-time more money on burger or pizza. In return, they get polluted sea coast with highly priced and difficult to get shrimps.

Maybe we have to try a bit harder and make Odessa rock again?

And the third and the most disgusting part of Odessa was our visit to the most expensive and most popular street market “Pryvoz”. We tried to get a watermelon or plums there, but it just disgusted us. The photos below can describe everything I felt better than my words. Just one question: People, what’s wrong with you?

real odessa

pryvoz market in odessa

dirt of odessaThe dirty and mess won even the most chaotic parts that I have ever visited.

There is a boundary between lovely and messy market with people trying to sell all they’ve got. And mud with lots of dogs in it and lost children looking for coins. How can you lead to such disorder? I don’t what to name those people Ukrainians. We are not like them!

odessa beach

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