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We are all judged. Everyday. Every minute. By everyone. You will never be able to escape this fact, it’s a part of our nature – look, not think, judge, go. Take it for granted. The only thing that I’m not able to agree with is a small kind of a book that determines many paths in our lives and leads us either to freedom or to captivity. Guess! Passport! That little piece of shit that does not allow us to move, to buy, to work, to believe and finally to travel! We are all taught in a way to respect migrants, to help a poor man, to take care of an unprotected child and to give a seat for a pregnant woman and so on. Of course, that’s all not true. No one does it and never will. It’s just reality. We are all spoiled.

Just one question: why do we all judge others by their miserable little books with stamps and failed photos on it. Is it a thing that must determine us? It’s said, “You can not choose parents and a fatherland”. I can’t really agree with the second. But ones you get old enough you get ID or passport. And oops, you are either a lucky citizen of one of the most powerful countries with a plastic card in your pocket that gives you entry to 80% countries or you are a loser and have access to some unprivileged African and post-Soviet countries. I won the second lottery. Yey!


Oh, stop. Did I ever play?

They all decided it for me. Then I grew up. I was mature enough to specify my own aims and dreams. I was conscious enough to have a willingness to study abroad, learn new cultures, meet new people. I was brave enough to say goodbye to family and friends. I was motivated enough to wake up early every single day, open notebooks and design my own future. Was I really a designer of my path. Not really, guys.

Ambassadors decided whether I would win the next visa lottery. The financial state of the family decided whether I would stay, emigrate or beg. I won the lottery again. And then you come to the passport control and they ask you “Why should you enter the European Union?” You clench fists of fury and ask yourself why you will be always valued by this piece of plastic shit. Why they will always stop you, take your fingertips, look at you, apprize you, not respect your dreams and aims. You have built the world, where children are judged, where dreams are measured, where eyes are scanned.

No one gives a visa just because you’re good enough. No one let you in because you work hard every single day. No one gives a workplace just because you are an immigrant that has achieved more than all your supervisors. The country name on your ID has already made a decision. Relax. Next time you will talk more, cry more, believe more, beseech more. But next time, dear, go back home with your unwanted goals to your unnecessary country.

So dear political system slugs, next time you give birth to your cutie, buy tickets and think 10 times what passport you really wanna choose for your baby.


To ease your life here is a list of most powerful passports in the world:

(score = number of countries with free-visa access):


Gratulations to the owners, you won one lottery more than we did!

Hope your dreams are as bright as ours!


  • Sergiy

    March 1, 2017

    Донечко, бомба!Я тебе люблю! Розумники!


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