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There are so many similarities between Ukraine and Brazil. People that struggle with poverty and Dior boutiques that attract thousands of teens who have no idea of today’s currency exchange rate. Walking from a street to a street you will find yourself surrounded by pigeons seeking for last unfrozen bread crumbs or by first class rubbish bins reminding you about long-ago imperium. All in all, Brazil has taught me how happy we are to be born here and to appreciate every day with clean water and cottage cheese.

living in KyivMarkets that are not as breathtaking and incredible as in the southern part of Europe still have a lot to offer. I would rather say that traders have a big desire to prove you the higher quality of their canned garlic and tomatoes than the neighbor has. The wide range of national salo that can remind you bacon makes you want to try more and more till the stomach blows up.

– Girls, please, try this meat, take this cherry! You will get a discount!

food markets in Kyiv

what to buy on a ukrainian market

ukrainian markets

Finally full and happy you enjoy the architecture of Kyiv. With a gray Soviet look, Kyiv represents some good spots for your photo session or coffee break. That can be The Doll Theater, different parks in the city center, an old district of Podil or a river embankment.

architecture of kyiv

You might get the impression that the capital is quiet and more or less organized. With more than 3 million people it is impossible to achieve. There are many districts (Troeshchyna, Borshchagivka) that look like hell where the only thoughts can be “run or pretend to be the worst gangster”. Empty beer bottles everywhere, cheap cigarettes and the noise of a speeding up old Zhiguly create the atmosphere of wild 90s. Still interesting to visit.

Kyiv sites

ukrainian centerWe, Ukrainians, still try to be optimistic about our future and save the coins for the rainy day when our children will forget about their roots. We, Ukrainians, still have a little pond with ducks, linen blouses for holidays and red viburnum on the dining table. Despite all Louboutin-shoes-daughters and last-iPhone-sons, somehow, we believe in the land we were raised once and somehow we remember to put the hand on the heart hearing the Chubynsky’s song.

ukrainianshappy ukraine

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