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This part of the world is way less popular than France, Spain, the UK, or Norway. Eastern Europe has been in the shadow for the last decades and most of Americans, Asians are skipping in on the way to more expensive and luxury countries of Europe. Yet this part of Europe is way cheaper, unspoiled, and has incredible views to offer.


Funny, my country is in the center of Europe but still, lots of foreigners from outside of Europe never heard about it.

My homeland and a place I would recommend all non-Europeans to visit if you want to discover a country of Golden churches, delicious food, green forests, mountains, and old traditions. Ukraine is located in the heart of Europe and still doesn’t require any visas from most of the Westerners, Asians, Africans, and Australians.

With Ryanair and Wizzair cheap air connections, you can easily get from Poland or Hungary to Ukraine for less than 20€. Ukraine has a wide range of tasty meals that were invented back to times of Kievan Rus.  It is a country of low prices – where else you can have a metro ride for less than 0.3€ or a three-meal lunch for 5€.

Ukraine has any kind of nature you dream about: from dark forests, high mountains, ski resorts to flower fields, ponds, canyons, and the sea.

kyiv visitRomania

Most Europeans meet Romanians somewhere else in Europe but not in their home country. True, the Romanian nation is one that travels beyond their borders in order to earn a bit more. However, the Romanian landscape is an impressive combination of hills, rivers, and Carpathian mountains.

Plus the country’s prices are way lower than in Central Europe. You can easily get a hotel for 5€ per day, have a big meal for 3-4€ and a coffee for 0.7-1€.

The Romanian language is understandable to Spanish-, Italian-, Portuguese-speaking people and that makes their traveling way easier. Moreover, Romanian has a number of wineries worth to visit.

  • Lacerta Winery (2-3h drive from Bucharest)
  • The Rhein & Cie Azuga 1892 – champagne production (2h from Bucharest)
  • Tohani Wine Cellar
  • Rotenberg Cellars (1,5 h from Bucharest)


I am totally in love with this small and stunning country. And people! Oh man, the Serbians do know how to have fun, how o celebrate life and meet strangers. Days back to Belgrade were full of smiles, spontaneous walks, and dozens of strangers.

The country charges tourists way too little but still offers a high quality of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Belgrade became a mix of Hungarian culture, Balkan cuisine, and Eastern Europe vibe. You can easily order a big portion of meat for 5€ or a cup of cappuccino for 1€.

Dying to come back!

Bosnia and Herzegovina

I still cannot get why the country is not ranked as high as Croatia, Montenegro, or Slovenia among the tourists. It is a place where old stories combine with a modern vibe of a rapid city, yet offering picturesque forests, towns, and rivers. Just think about Mostar or Banja Luka, Sarajevo.

Sadly, I have only hitchhiked through this stunning country but met helpful people who helped me even though they lacked English knowledge. Prices? A three-course lunch will cost you 5-7€. Notice the portions are hugeeee, so if you are a tiny girl on a diet, better share it with your friend. A one-way ticket in local transport varies between 0.8€ and 1€. Sounds good, no?


People, if I were you, I would be packing my backpack and hitting the road to Macedonia right away. This small country owns the most overwhelming views!. Roadtrip across Macedonia will be full of fun – zigzag roads, mountains, waterfalls, and Ohrid lake. Can’t even believe I discovered this part of the world so late.

Again, the country is low-priced and serves one of the most delicious meals in Europe. Best to go get there after the tourism season ends and see the pure beauty of Macedonia.

ohrid lake view

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