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Lots of you want to travel, to be able to see all those magnificent places that you see on bloggers’ profiles, experience the insane roads in Georgia, Vietnam or Malasia, want to hike to fjords or to swim with dolphins. However, not all we were born in families of millionaires or won a lottery. That is the moment we have to create our own path, looking for any opportunities to travel the world and grab it as fast as you are able to!

Here I have created a short list of some of the most popular and valuable programs/project/sites that will make you become out-bubbled 🙂 Enjoy!

School Students

I’m 100% sure you have heard about it, or applied, or participated. For those who are just planning to move abroad – FLEX is an American program that gives you a chance to move to the USA for one year when you’re a high school student, lives in an American family and just enjoys the life. It’s 100% FREE!

My experience: I applied twice and almost did it haha. I failed on the third round. But the emotions I got, people I met were worth it!

Rotary Clubs

They are the international associations that promote peace, education, and eco-lifestyle. In addition, these clubs organize exchanges between schools, cities, and countries.
If you are willing to experience foreign life for one year, you must be 15-19 y.o. and be able to cover travel and insurance cost. Despite the fact, it would cost you a little bit, I recommend you to apply and decide later 🙂
The USA offers an endless amount of programs for the students willing to change the world (especially America). You can find all types of programs starting with art, up to biochemistry.

Benjamin Franklin Summer Institutes
This is the short-term exchange program that engages youth in different team building workshops, community services, and leadership activities.

You can find more US exchanges here 🙂

University Students

To my mind, I don’t have to present you Erasmus+ Program, that allows you to study in another European University for free and getting a scholarship (that you can spend on travels!)

My experience: I’m going to spend 5 months in Nuremberg starting from October. The application process was extremely easy: application form -> essay -> interviews -> happy end. However, it differs from country to country, and from uni to uni.

Erasmus Mundus
The same program as Erasmus+ sponsored by the EU, but offers you a more exotic destination for more serious specializations with higher competition. Sometimes, you have to pay for your accommodation and study materials that will be paid you back after your return (however, it depends on your Uni).

Don’t forget about Erasmus Internship!

The thing that you should experience! You look for a job abroad, apply for the scholarship and get salary + scholarship + experience! Awesome 🙂


The international association of active students who organize exchange programs, volunteering, and internship all over the globe. You can easily go to Malasia, New Zealand or Mexico paying only for the travel costs and a small fee. I have spent my summer in Brazil with them!

Read more about it here!

Fulbright Scholar Program

The program designed by the US government for a highly motivated and intelligent student that allows them to go for the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to American Universities for free with a scholarship. The competition is really high but no one says you can’t do it!

Global UGRAD

One more American exchange program for Europeans. It provides a select group of approximately 250 students with scholarships for one academic semester of undergraduate, non-degree study in the United States. The scholarship will cover international travel, tuition, room and board, accident/sickness insurance, a small monthly stipend, and funding for books. Sounds good, hm?


https://ec.europa.eu/education/study-in-europe/  – more about education in Europe

https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/ – searching EU opportunities and jobs.

https://www.universityworldnews.com – University  Global News.

https://www.isepstudyabroad.org – Non-profit education community that helps students to overcome financial problems.

https://www.goabroad.com/ – portal with internships, job, volunteering offers.

https://www.worldlearning.org/ – they represent many youth projects, exchange programs, grants.

https://unistudy.org.ua/ – Ukrainian site, where you can search for internships, job offers, and grants.

https://grantist.com/ – portal with a great variety of interesting opportunities for Ukrainians and for all Russian-speaking countries.

https://www.americahousekyiv.org/ – an organization based in Kyiv that organizes workshops, classes and events devoted to American education and culture (I personally recommend this place as I used to visit it a looooot!)

https://educationusa.state.gov/ – an advising center that will help you with applying a process to US Universities.

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