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Hipsters, street art, and fiords. My friend and I were lucky enough to be hosted by one of the kindest and funniest people in the whole world – Christian (next post will be dedicated to him!). That was rather a visit to an old friend who had a strong desire to show us the city, the deepest old factories, underground buildings where untypical people held concerts and party to the sunrise. We followed him through all streets listening to the strangest stories of the street graffiti. It turned out that many Polish have influenced the appearance of the street and changed walls to the colorful extraordinary pictures.
After visiting yoga & art festival, we were invited to the coffee house on Colorful Street of Stavanger. The cafe was full of books on the shelves, plants, flowers and the air was depleted with coffee beans, cheesecake, and marshmallow. That was a place where we tasted one of the most delicious cacaos and met a Latvian girl and a Tunisian guy. The girl shared all her hitchhiking experience with us, wished good luck and we headed to the Christian’s home party.
The room where we lived is completely another story worth to share. Big travel map with marked visited places, skateboards, books, more books, magazines, vinyl discs, the smell of weed, piece of pizza and unfinished coffee on the table. I fell in love with the view of the bay from the window, with the calm fireplace and unlimited amount of coffee and tea! We spent the whole evening with an Australian girl, Norwegians, people with different backgrounds, goals, and workplace. Did anyone notice any cultural differences? Yes, but each and everyone was extremely excited to share them!
Next day, Monday morning, we packed sandwiches, water and headed to conquer beautiful fjords. Thanks to Chris advice we managed to make our trip for free. How? Take a bus to the city center. We didn’t pay. Firstly, all drivers are Polish so it would be easy to negotiate this issue. Secondly, we entered the last doors to the bus and, honestly, I didn’t see any ticket machines inside of it. So, it’s not our fault. Then, take a ferry to Tau. It costs much money! Approximately 16 euro for 15 min ride. Definitely not for our budget (I paid the same money for the round trip to Norway!). The best way to ride the ferry for free is to avoid a check-taker. It was a little bit difficult for us as there were only 5 more people aboard. That’s why we went to the restroom and stayed there for 7 mins. The second half of a sea trip we spent by the window enjoying sea waves.
Stavanger, NorwayIt will take you 20-30 min to get to Preikestolen starting point. You might experience more difficulties hitchhiking there as the highways are empty and only a few cars drive on Monday morning towards fiords (really strange, hmmm). We were lucky enough again and a man who works on a fish farm took us. Our saver was a fan of Norwegian landscapes and fiords. He shared some tricks on how to get to the top safely, his spaniel licked us and completely wet, we started our hike. Yey

I find it pointless to describe our hike, our emotions on the top, the views… That’s a thing that everyone experiences in his own way. Look at the photos and rate Norway!

Evening adventures on an island, waterfall love and the escape to the cold beach coming soon…

Enjoy it, darlings!

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