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There are places on Google Maps where you pin every second kilometer as you truly believe every corner is adorable and worth to visit again. I have this feeling every time coming to Spain. Every street, even if it is completely empty and only one orange tree grows there, I would mark it on my phone and note “most beautiful orange tree shadow”.

visit palma de mallorcaSomehow Malloricans succeeded to create the uniqueness of the island that no surprise attracts millions of tourists.

German island with drunk British” – heard it? So let me tell you, it is not true!

Sure, there are lots of districts with deadly drunk tourists and Westerns trying to find even more weed for the evening, but there is so much than that. It is extremely international and welcoming to every lost soul, to every dreamy traveler, to every family or a broken heart. It is the whole world together dancing under the palms to the good beats of new-released hits and getting one more passion fruit cocktail.

So firstly, catch my favorite places to get that nice tan!

  • Cala Major Beach – my top place! The overwhelming beauty of the area, nice beach, and rocky cliffs!
  • Cala Comtesa in Illetas is a breathtaking place with crystal water and is invisible from the road as it is located down behind the hill.  The number of tourists is the only con.
  • Caló de Ses Gerres – the beach has no name as it is an unknown spot and rather a place for kayakers to stop than for tourists to chill. If you manage to get there, you will be awarded with the peace and calm waves.
  • Porto Cristo – here the white yachts found their home as well as a nice sandy coast.
  • Playa De Camp De Mar – a wonderful beach with a small island next to it where you can have a delicious black octopus paella.
  • Cala Blanca, Andratx – haven’t visited it yet, but tons of people enjoy the cliffs and clean water at this place.
  • Platja de Formentor – must see! Popular among visitors so be ready to wake up 2-3 hours earlier to see this marvelous place.

Click here to see where my favorite playas are located.


If you are on a tight budget just like me, you would probably want to avoid the restaurants and overpriced desserts. So what to do when hunger is a bit annoying?

  • Local supermarkets are fully packed with delicious food – from papayas to ready-to-eat octopuses. Check out Mercadona – probably the most popular place for grocery shopping. 

I prepared for myself a 6.5 euro lunch – 1.5€ coconut water + 5€ mix of seafood (400 gr).

Another day, I got some avocado for less than one euro, wholly grained bread, fresh soft tomatoes (used for making bocadillos de tomate) and some local sheep cheese. All together cost me less than 5 € and I succeeded to fulfill my stomach for long hours.

  • Local markets. Those touristic ones might turn out to be a bit high-priced, however, you can still find a nice variety of fresh juices or smoothies. Normally they won’t ask you for more than 1.5€ for 250ml of organic juice. Take the advantage of degustation. It is a perfect way to try some local delicacies and not go bankrupt. Again, local markets are perfect for that or look for small stores that trade only meat or cheese (often even suggesting a glass of wine).
  • Funny I came across a degustation of drinks with some rum in Carrefour. Definitely, a country to live in!

must visit beaches in mallorca

hitchhiking on mallorcaWhat about transportation and hitchhiking?

Firstly, the bus connections are widely spread on the island. It cost me 3.5 € to get from Palma to Port de Pollença that is on the opposite side.

Go to the TIB website to check out the schedules.

The only bad thing is you might miss plenty of unique spots as the buses only stop at major cities.

So maybe it is time to consider hitchhiking? 

You have probably heard that it is not an easy challenge to autostop in Spain, but trust me – the islands are different. During the not-so-touristic season, I spent only 10 min waiting and successfully got a motorbike ride. Just to add, lots of other drivers were willing to give me a ride but they didn’t go directly to Palma.

I am sure during the summer season there will be no problem to hitchhikeAnd you can always ask a driver to bring you only to a cliff/ waterfall/ beach etc.

Another recommendation is to connect to travelers and rent a car together. Easier, faster, more fun. You can find such offers at Couchsurfing Discussions or FB groups “Travel to Mallorca” and so on.

Please make me a favor. If it happens you travel to Mallorca, don’t spend all days in Palma – there is so much more – more local, more real!

activities in palma de mallorca

palma de mallorca for winter holidays

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