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Fuerteventura beach

Fuerteventura was my first Canary Island explored in 2019. My best friend Dasha who is living in Berlin came for a visit to Spain, but instead of staying in Barcelona, we decided to catch some more warm sun rays in Fuerteventura. That’s one of few European destinations where winter never comes to and you can enjoy summer 365 days per year.

Even though the Canary Islands are considered a luxurious destination in Eastern Europe, it’s a pretty typical one for the Westerners and Spanish people. Everyone who works remotely or has some days off escapes to these islands during winter so to get tanned and learn some new water sports. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are almost unknown islands in Ukraine and Russia, normally we hear only about Tenerife and Gran Canaria, leave alone La Graciosa or La Gomera  We were no exception and chose Fuerteventura having a little idea about it. We were choosing more upon the tickets price and availability. We googled the pictures of the island and boom! Done, booked!

Turned out that Fuerteventura is way cheap than Barcelona and going there for nomad life will not only bring you some endorphins but also save your budget.

Normally breakfast will not cost you more than 5-7 EUR, lunch or dinner around 10 EUR.

Fuerteventura Sports

Let me start with the fact that Fuerteventura is most well-known for its watersports spots, volcanos, and beaches. Since the name of it means “Strong Wind”, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and just surfing have found their paradise here. Thanks to that the island has a young, vivid vibration with lots of young travelers coming and leaving. The never-ending summer became a great temptation for the whole of Europe and even during the 2020-2021 pandemic, the island had the least restrictions and the most of the freedom comparing even to continental Spain.

Normally you can catch a pretty cheap Ryanair flight from Barcelona, Valencia, or Sevilla. So consider these cities as a stop-over so as to catch a cheaper flight to the Canarias. And once you land on the volcanic island, think about Corralejo or Morro Jable as the main place for your place. Personally, I prefer Corralejo due to its easy access to surfing and kiting spots, vivid nightlife, beautiful coast, and fast way to Lobos island, Lanzarote, and some more volcanos nearby.

Click here for my Travel Must for Fuerteventura & Lobos Island

  • Flag Beach – main kitesurfing spot
  • El Majanicho & El Cotillo – main surfing spots
  • Calderón Hondo – a volcano next to Corralejo that you can hike and have a nice view of the Northern part of the island and the crater.


Fuerteventura Nomads Life

If you know me you must already know that I love using Couchsurfing when traveling because for me it’s one of the best ways to really dive into the locals’ life and feel the vibe of the city. Couchsurfing is a platform that enables you to get hosted by a local person and experience life with them while sharing your travel stories, cooking together, and maybe even traveling together for a bit.

Find more about Couchsurfing on my blog!

However, if you choose this post for your nomad life and prefer to stay in a hostel or hotel while working remotely and exploring the island, this is the best option for you! Fuerteventura is not the most Nomads Friendly place due to the unavailability of WiFi and sockets in a lot of places. Yet you can make it work with a bit f afford.


In Corralejo, there are two best places that I used for work. Click here to see my Nomad Must Places in Fuerteventura.

  • Punta Elena is a bar space with a swimming pool and speed WiFi. The only downside was the lack of sockets. In order to charge the laptop, I was going to the inside restaurant that belongs to the same bar.
  • Waikiki is a beach bar/restaurant. Yet the strong sun was making it a bit difficult to work. In order to find the sockets, sit inside of the restaurant.

 Fuerteventura Weekend Trip

The Fuerteventura Island is amazing to be explored by car during 2-3 days. If you choose to stay on the island for a longer nomad time, take advantage of evenings and weekends to explore the Island of Lobos, maybe hop to Lanzarote for 2 days or watch kiters on the Flag Beach.

Here are my Fuerteventura Must’s:

  1. Drinks at Lobos Island Natural Pools – you can get a 20 min ride from Corralejo port to the island at any hour and just chill in natural pools with some drinks.
  2. Watch kiters on the Flag Beach
  3. Find camels in the dessert of Dunas de Corralejo
  4. Sunbath on the Popcorn Beach in Corralejo
  5. Have a mojito at the Punta Elena swimming pool
  6. Watch the sunset at el Cotillo beach (maybe after catching some waves there?)
  7. Feed gophers at Calderon Hondo Volcano
  8. Go for mountain biking through the volcanos around Corralejo
  9. Make a 2-day trip to Lanzarote
  10. Degustate cheese at the local museum of cheese Museo del Queso Majorero
  11. Have a walk in a small green town of Betancuria and…
  12. Have a tasty bowl at La Sombra restaurant under the giant palms
  13. Find a black-sand beach (Ajuy Beach might be a good choice)
  14. Watch the waves from the Ajuy Cave
  15. Find a shadow of the elephant in that cave
  16. Watch the stars from Sicasumbre astronomical viewpoint
  17. Watch (or maybe try?) kiting at the beach Playa de Sotavento just before…
  18. Ordering local grilled goat cheese at Morro Jable
  19. And maybe end a day with watching the sunset from Punta Jandia
  20. Just before heading for some good DJ remixes to Quadrophenia FTV, Sunset Lounge, or Banana Beach Club in Corralejo

All of these spots you can find on my Google Maps by clicking here.

Let me know if you have found some more interesting spots in Fuerteventura, I will be happy to add them to the list!

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