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I don’t know how it happened that I am visiting Barcelona after so many other places. I am just asking myself where have I been?

You probably have heard not once that Barcelona is a must-visit place with a tremendous amount of Gaudi beautiful architecture. I was very skeptical and expected it to be as overcrowded, polluted and hot as all “nice” capitals that travel agencies sell us at the high speed.

Do not believe people who say Barcelona is nice! It’s incredible.

The first place where I feel how every culture is balanced and developed. It is a first place that shows you what globalization means offering French crepes on the streets with Belgium waffles, German beer, American hot dogs, and selling cheap Chinese magnets. However, the atmosphere that they managed to create is overwhelming. It has something for each and everyone. Whether you are a rich Russian daughter, a nomad with a 10-year-old tent in a backpack or a party animal with 20 tattoos on your leg, Barcelona is here to satisfy your needs.

I was walking through hot as a pan after Nutella crepes streets and got even more shocked how Barca supports every talent and enthusiasm. Graffitis of Dali-like animals, craft shops and stores of the best quality clothes were just next to street music bands and fruit trucks. Whatever you want to invent, people of Barca already done it. You can find yourself in an underground bar with toy railway going all around your head, or enjoy cold Sangria with hipsters in a café full of surf boards, flowers and smell of weed.

You hear every language in a boulangerie arguing what croissant is better to take and a sincere Catalan man with a big white smile will just offer you to try each of them.

Just to add, the city is fit and healthy. I am sure most of those well-looked boys on the beach are foreigners and are coming back from Ibiza parties but the amount of fitness gyms, open space work-out areas, bike routes and youth exercising in parks was just overwhelming. Isn’t it paradise when healthy lifestyle is in a mix of “do whatever you want” ?

I am so sorry to leave Barcelona tomorrow and start my way to a new country, but I just know I will be back so soon. And I can’t forget my roller skaters! No way!

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