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You know that moment when a stupid idea comes to your mind and you can not resist it. All you can do is to succumb and go for it. That is what happened to me in Barcelona. I decided to hitchhike to Andorra, despite the fact, there was no good place to do it and I had a 27kg suitcase with two broken wheels. I had to cross a six-lane highway running and sweating under 30-degree heat. I got used to waiting 10-15 minutes until someone gives me a ride, but at the high-speed Barcelona highway, I gave myself max two hours. I was sitting and the only thing I believed in was the hope that there might be another crazy person to stop there for me. That’s what happened. Alba, 25-year-old girl, with a bed made out of the back seats and big eyes full of desire to make something insane.
– You are not going to Andorra this way. It is too dangerous!
How many times have I heard that? One phone call and…

– My boyfriend, our dogs and I are taking you to Andorra today. But now, let’s have a coffee.

Whaaaaaat? The only one word came to my mind.

I got to know Alba’s mom, had lunch with her, saw her new built caravan that she had been making with her dad for couple weeks and totally happy we packed two dogs, tent, food and started our way through Pyrenees mountains.

No words can describe what exciting conversations we had on our road and how close friends we became within those couple hours.

We got to Andorra late evening and my CS friend already waited for me. Alba was planning to stay at camping and enjoy nature. However, the kindness of my host won and all together we stayed in a mansard apartment in the city center with a view of mountains.

The next morning reminded rather a big international family gathered all around the table full of cheese, bread, jamon, and jam. Puppies were trying to steal one more piece of camembert and I was trying to catch familiar Spanish words. Abdiel, a host, was from Panama and was extremely eager to share all his experience of living on different continents.

Abdiel’s travel map

After all, we had a short walk through most luxurious streets ( it will be described in the next post) and I said goodbye. Again. So tired of it. So sick and tired to hug people without knowing when will be the next time we will sit together and enjoy the sunset. But I will be back, Alba, I promise!

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