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I am thrilled that you chose me to plan your next trip. I want to provide you with an incredible experience so you become even more out-bubbled and have amazing days in a new place.

I will plan your trip as I do it for myself. It means I will look for:

  • The cheapest transportation from/to your home town.
  • The cheapest accommodation basing on your wishes (hostel, camping, Airbnb, hotel).
  • The cheapest food options (snacks to-go, best meals options, best bistros).
  • The best tips & tricks for saving money.
  • The cheapest ways to party and meet new friends.

You know, buddy, I have been to over 35 countries and I have managed to survive in Norway with 10€ or in Switzerland with 15€. I also hitchhiked for 2 weeks in the Balkans and spent less than 70€. So trust me, your budget is safe with me!

If you would like to get to know me better, drop me a line on any social media channel, and I can give you even more tips on traveling or relocating abroad!

See ya, traveler!

Let’s create an amazing #out_bubbled trip for you!

Put all the information below and I will customize a trip for you!
hello@outofthebubble.org hit me up if you have any additional questions or if you would like a trip for more than 5 people!