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I would say Ukraine and Serbia have more in common than any other western EU countries. Crossing the border was an easy process and the road to Belgrade was smooth and picturesque. We passed old villages with churches by the road, green valleys that end behind the horizons, and yellow fields that reminded me Ukrainian flag. The appearance of houses differed from the city to the city. There were rich white palaces and a dirty shed with a roof full of holes.
Such house welcomed us as we just crossed a border. Kids were playing with mud, next to them pigs and ducks were seeking for the last leaves and sprouts of grass. The house looked as a stereotyped home for gypsies – the broken window glass was rather a new toy for the youngest kids and a rotten apple in a midden was a simple breakfast. Elder siblings were riding a horse track seeking for any useful metal bins or plastic in the neighborhood. The view was shocking and had nothing to do with towns closer to Belgrade.

Belgrade is a capital worth to visit. There are many spectacular places where the wonderful views show you a river or Serbian hills. The main street, the castle, the riverside deserve your attention.

I, honestly, loved, even more, an artificial lake located not far from downtown. The coast is made of small sea rocks, and lake water reflects high clouds. All around Cafés and restaurant were located with live music, exclusive cocktails or seafood. Couples, children, puppies, and roller skaters were just enjoying the early sunny warmth.

Facts that I noticed:
  • the city is really beautiful and inspiring with lots of modern bridges and parks. So go and get lost:)
  • It’s cheap for Westerners, it’s okay for Easterns 🙂
  • People are simple and friendly. So go to a bar and start talking!
  • Buses are overcrowded with retired people. Stay patient!
  • Don’t forget to try Rakia and Slivovitz!
  • Eat burek – baked filled pastry yaaaam

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