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I had been dreaming of Portugal from my first days of travels. It was always my bucket list country that I had been postponing it from month to month, from year to year. Lots of friends of mine have visited the country of surfing the wineries and have brought their best memories from the trip to me.

Porto was just a dream for years…

I had been always listening with huge eyes and opened mouse trying to imagine how it is to walk the narrow street of a formal great kingdom with the huge potential and power from Europe to Africa and to South America. I always knew one day my plane would land not far from the Atlantic coast and I would take a deep breath of smell of grapes, sea salt, and leather.porto best spots

what to see in porto

And a dream suddenly came true. On December 20 just after my last Spanish class for this year, I headed to the airport to catch a plane to a warmer place. Temi and I decided to spend two days in the city of Porto, in the heart of well-known sweet port wine and in the capital of alternative life.

To say that the city imprisons you and make you forget routine life is to say nothing

I am so afraid my post won’t really reflect all the emotions we got in Porto, ‘cause this is something everyone has to experience once in life.

porto in a day

views of porto

like a local in portoSo once we landed we headed to the Mercado so to get some a real taste of Portugal

Supermarkets full of Brazilian exotic fruits, tons of cheese, meat and a great variety of liquors made out of nuts, passion fruits, bananas. Pretty satisfied with the grocery shopping we just took a walk to the Airbnb apartment. Oh, just to add, this trip was the most relaxing one I have ever gone on. Everything was pretty planed, no rush, no calls from hosts, no forgotten tickets or confused drivers.

The next day we went for a walk through medieval streets chasing the sun to the riverside.

Quite interesting was to see lots of houses being in really bad condition with tons of laundries on balconies. Other streets were decorated with all freshly washed dresses, shirts, and pans hanging between the buildings and kids playing under it. That is a place where the soul of a city was hiding.

best places of Porto

what to do in PortoDespite the fact, the economy of Portugal is not beating records but every visitor can feel how relaxed people are. With average salaries of 800 euros per month, people still can afford to have a good cup of coffee or couple beers in the evening in Virtudes Park or go for a walk to Ribeira and enjoy sunset above the water on Ponte Luis I.

tips for porto trip

best spots in PortoWe came up with an excellent idea to join a Free Walking Tour that showed us an alternative life of Porto. The guide presented best viewpoints, best hang-out places, restaurants to get full, bars to forget problems and clubs to find new inspiration.

This is must-do for every creative soul

In addition, the place you can not omit is Porto’s one of the largest markets – Balhao Market situated 10 min walk from the historical center. street markets of porto

local food in porto

Two pieces of advice:

  • Do not go there if you are traveling with no money. You will commit suicide after seeing all the variety of seafood, vegetables, fruits, wines, and meat.
  • And do not go there if you are traveling with lots of money. You will end up bankrupt and then the first case applies to you. Local grannies trade their huge pumpkins, spinach, tomatoes of the size of a head, strawberries (yes, during winter!) and Portuguese wine experts offer you to try 10-year-old white port wine. You can’t resist, darling.

weekend in porto

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