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The Atlantic Ocean for Christmas

Most of my readers probably already know about my greatest passion – oceans, and seas. I recall the days in Brazil when I could cry seeing the view of the calm warm ocean. I have been missing it so much. And Portugal gave me such a chance to feel ocean breeze and sun on my cheeks. On the second day, Temi and I took a bus directly from our apartment to the oceanside.

I should say I have never felt so much of Brazil like at that place walking on cold sand with lots of shells. The water was unbelievably cold. My legs numbed a couple seconds after touching it. And despite it, hot Portuguese blood enabled lots of young men to surf and catch high waves.poro seaside

beaches of Porto The beach was so like Pituba Beach in Salvador, just a little bit wider with no trucks selling coconut water. Local people were jogging, walking with dogs, enjoying the extremely warm weather as for December. I wish the time could have stopped and every next winter would look like that.

Who knows where I am going to spend my next winter, hm?

must see in PortoSunshine and a good lunch in a local small restaurant. Grilled salmon with sweet potato and lots of small shrimps, octopus, mussels covered in the spinach-garlic sauce just made our day unforgettable. We continued walking alongside the ocean.

ocean in portoSoon enough we got to the beautiful Railway Station Sao Bento that is just in the downtown. The station dates back to XIX century and represents tile-adorned vestibule inside.

Sao Bento PortoVenice in Portugal

We took a regional train to Aveiro. Two hours later we entered our new home for the rest of the days. Aveiro is a tiny town that you can walk through in 2-3 hours but definitely must-visit for all Venice lovers.must see in Aveiro

best places of aveiro There was also a small bridge full of multicolor ribbons

Remember Basilica do Senhor do Bonfirm in Salvador? There was also a wall where everyone ties a ribbon with three knots making three wishes. It was a Holly Eve and local street musicians filled a town with magnificent sounds. The gondolas were sailing back and force. There was even one with five Santas. Such a luck to see Santas with 22° in the air.

cities to see in Portugal

One day in Aveiro I would strongly recommend each of you go to Aveiro and have a picnic with their good cheese, grapes, mangos, and wine. There are multiple spots for sitting down and enjoying the sun.

best spots in aveiro

christmas in Portugal

like a local in Portugal

what to see in Aveiro

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