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Warsaw is just an opposite world to compare it with Cracow or any other smaller cities in Poland. It’s fast, crowded, and bright. All people are running from the new Vegan café with low-fat sandwiches to their companies in glass skyscrapers. Office workers open the doors and slam it not paying attention to the loud sound. They run upstairs not counting the floors and smile to the colleges. Dinners are taken away.

No time for cooking as the latest traffic jam was too long and kids are too hungry.

Faster, more, and further. This is Warsawian life.
Every time I came here I had a completely different experience. Once I was there with excursion, later – with friends, later – with family and finally alone. Every time I visit new districts, I see new corporations, I meet new people who come from all corners of Poland to make money. And it’s fair enough. Everything is concentrated in the capital. All graduates apply to all well-known firms to Warsaw, all office workers visit Warsaw for the courses, meeting, and presentations, all bloggers write and edit photos in Warsaw, in a money anthill.

Warsaw life That is definitely not my atmosphere, but I do not complain. Every country needs a city with such a rapid life, many conference halls and banks on every second street. I just feel tired after a couple of hours in the capital.
Oh, I remember once I flew from Gdansk to Warsaw. The whole flight took me 1 hour plus 1.5 hours in the airport waiting for the boarding and approximately 30-40 min in Chopin Airport in the capital. It was 8 pm when my friend and I arrived. After exiting the airport we spent 3 hours getting to the dormitory where my friend lived.

The city was just paralyzed with traffic jams, car accidents, and people.

We could have taken a subway but we just never expected that all buses would stuck.
All in all, there are a lot of beautiful places in the old town with colorful houses, horses with carts and children playing with bubbles. However only tourists come there and the city flourishes with sellers, cafes and busy cabs.

Old town of Warsaw

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Old Warsaw

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Warsaw view


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