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The day was too long. Barbecue, hitchhiking, long talks with strangers, who we saw for the first and for the last time and finally we were in Szczecin. We were standing next to the front door waiting for Maciej. I just expected a typical boy, who agreed to host three girls in order to show up and add photos to Snapchat with girls. You know, that typical kind of boys from the XXI century. Once I saw him, once he started a conversation with us, once he shared his dreams, hopes and stories from the past – I knew I found a soulmate.

Maciej is a kind of boys, who are sick and tired of sitting at home for more than two hours. He is strongly addicted to buying flight tickets (even more than I, no idea how it could be).

– I’m flying to Kazakhstan soon, then Israel, and in May 2018 we are going to Dubai. Join me if you want.- you have already planned everything for the next year??

– You have already planned everything for the next year??

– Yea, people complain they don’t know where they gonna be in two days. I know where I will in a year – on a trip!

The journey has become a way of thinking for him, a lifestyle that absorbs every though, that gives a motivation to go on, pass exams, come home and wake up the next day.

– One day you will see me sitting at the helm. I will take off the planes fulfilling people’s travel dreams.

We were sitting with a bottle of delicious strawberry wine till the late night talking with Maciej and his flatmate, recalling hitchhiking experiences and CS hosts. Those boys have gone through a tough time, had their own ups and downs, had their own dreams and tears. But I have understood, it wouldn’t be a problem for Maciej nor for Alex to wake on a desert island, to be lost in the megapolis or to live on a one banana per day. They knew how beautiful life can be if you have a goal to achieve!

The next day was spent on a long walk through Szczecin, visiting local old parks, feeding wild ducks in the river, enjoying a cup of espresso on the last floor café with a picturesque view of the city. Time flew too fast. One more meal, one more talk, one more smile.

We were on a road again. Hitchhiking, of course. A young train driver gave us a ride to the airport. He has been spending entire days driving like the winds from home city to Gdynia.

– You might think that it’s an easy job. We just drive straight forward. We had to learn five books of rules and be ready to see a poor animal rushing under the train. Concentration during the night, concentration during the downpour, and snowfall, during the most beautiful sunsets and most frighten storms.

We took a flight to Bergen. White Nights of the North welcomed us…

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