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Energylandia in Poland

What can be a better gift from the brother if not to have extreme rides all day long, eating popcorn, hotdogs, Belgium fries and sunbathing next to the pools? Just after my graduation day and night my family and I took a trip to the amusement park Energylandia one hour away from Cracow. My best friend joined us so we could celebrate her birthday and say goodbye to each other before her trip overseas.

energylandia poland

roller coasters in Poland

For the start, we chose the most extreme roller coaster. It is kind of pendulum swinging from one side to another plus turning around named Aztec Swing. Once it reaches the highest point it stops for a brief moment so you have time to throw up 🙂 In the very beginning you enjoy the view and wind. After some minutes you start recalling what you had for dinner and breakfast and in the end, you pray not to share the leftovers from your stomach with all the public down. And then imagine me after a graduation party. Definitely not recommended.

roller coasters

aquapark in Poland

Once I felt the ground I thanked for being alive

Nevertheless, my brother and Maja were unstoppable and dragged me right to the next one that seems to be for the kids and teenagers. Seemed to be! Perhaps, it is not that extreme only if you feel good. The next one Rollercoaster Mayan was 33 meters high and was just rushing up and down with a train of people. Worth to try!

Good thing that the Park is designed for all kind of people and even my mom who is. Not a risk-taker had fun on Anaconda – the boat that rides down from the hill into the pool splashing water on everyone. A good solution for the summer heat. A similar one was a Speed Water Coaster. It brings you on 60 m high and let you slide down into the water with a speed of 110 km/h. You get totally wet which I liked and then happily rush to the queue again 🙂

family trips in Poland

F1 was the most unexpectable one where you swing up and down and all around with only 100 km/h but the turns are so steep that the hear freezes.

The ride lasts about 1 min but is worth 30 min waiting in the queue

However, we also experienced some disappointment when we figured out that the highest rollercoaster advertised on all Energylandia posters is under the reconstructionю. Also, the aqua park the description of which you can find on a web page is not yet opened.  Definitely not the best way to build the loyalty with the customers, especially that both places are put on the map of the Park. For us, the solution was to join the small pool for babies and just to have fun on the waterslides of 2 meters high.

Thank you, bro, for an incredible experience! Next stop Port Aventura 🙂

amusement park in Poland

Some Tips for You:

  • check out the website as some rollercoasters might be closed.
  • Weekdays! Trust me you don’t want to be bombarded with hundreds of high school students.
  • Take your food and water! It is expensive if you’re not a Western
  • Transportation is complicated. The best solution is a private minibus from Krakow to Zator. One way ticket costs 2 euros but the way back you have to negotiate with the driver. And it will cost you a bit more – 4 euros. The bus departures 3-4 times a day. So check it in advance.
  • I would also suggest hitchhiking back to Cracow. Most of the visitors come from this city and around 6-7 pm leave the Park.
  • Queues are long. Be patient
  • That the most popular Amusement Park in Poland, so the tickets cost also a bit. Check Groupon.pl for some discounts.

roller coasters in Krakow

aquapark in Krakow

biggest roller coaster in Poland

family weekend in Energylandia

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weekend break in Poland

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