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Gastronomical Guide for traveling to Krakow on a budget!

Let’s start with transportation in Krakow.

Once you rich the city center from the airport (by bus/train – use jakdojade app) you basically don’t need any buses or trams. Krakow has a small historical center, Jewish quarter and castle area. Just walk! That is why you have legs! And trust me there is no better way to feel this adorable city.

Breakfast Time!

There are numerous places where you take a coffee and get breakfast for 1 zł. Isn’t it just perfect?

  • So Międzymiastowa is one of them. I literally adore it. It is located in the heart of hipster neighborhood and lots of creative, alternative people spend hours there. During the weekdays you get 1 zł breakfast, and on the weekends – 1 zł coffee.
  • Nadwiślańska Resto & Vodka Bar. And yes, besides the cook cocktails, they serve awesome breakfasts. One cup of coffee will cost you around 10-12 zł (2-3€). They have a nice loft design so you can start the day in the right way.
  • Another option could be to get an obwarzanek (original bagels sold on every street in the downtown) for around 0.5€, cut it in half and put inside some local smoked cheese and tomatoes.

Lunch and let’s have pierogi!

  • Gospoda Koko was the very first student restaurant I visited in Krakow. And even 4 years later, my heart still belongs to it. It is a traditional Polish restaurant situated under the ground and serving the local meals. Moreover, it is super cheap! That is why it gathers students and a working class. You can have soup, main meal, salad for not more than 5-6€. You can also order half of the menu for 3€.
  • Milk Bars (Bar mleczny) that don’t sell milk. That is the cheapest option to get home-made dumplings, mushroom soup or gołąbki. Each meal costs around 1-2€ and is an extremely popular place for the local students. I can’t imagine my life without them! There are plenty of Milk Bars in the city, so just google “bar mleczny” and go to the nearest one.
  • Orzo People Music Nature is another cool place to grab lunch for only 20 zł (5€). From 12 till 17 they serve food on Zablocie – 10 min walk from the Jewish district.

bar mleczny krakow

Dinner with some real meat!

  • If I were you, I would stop by Plac Nowy (get a direction) and grab famous Krakowian zapiekanki. That is a long pizza served with any kind of ingredients you wish. It will cost you up to 3€ but will fulfill the stomach for long hours. It is something that Krakow is proud of and can’t be found in any other Polish cities. There is also an option to take only half of a zapiekanka if you save the space for other delicacies.
  • Beer House on Floriańska street that is one of the main roads in the downtown has good deals. You can get soup and a 32cm pizza for only 15zl (4€) but don’t forget to get there till 5 pm.

zapiekanki krakowLet’s get Polish Nalewki!

Nalewka is a magical drink that makes student nights louder and brighter. It is national alcohol the taste of which reminds rather a juice.

  • So you won’t regret any spent zloty if you go to Pijalnia. It is a local place where people come to get shots and leave to the clubs. There are not many seats, that’s why people start dancing, singing, talking to strangers. It is definitely a must if you want to experience the way locals get drunk.
  • Banja Luka – the same concept and wonderful atmosphere. Shots for 1€ or a beer for 2€.

  • In Nadwiślańska Resto & Vodka Bar you get two cocktails and pay for only one every Wednesday!
  • What also most of the students do, they drink some wine at home and enjoy an evening picnic next to Wawel castle. Be careful with your own alcohol – it is forbidden to drink it on the public. And it is controlled.

The only police-free zone is Miasteczko Studenckie AGH situated 10 min by bus from the city center. That’s basically a student village where young people have parties, BBQs, picnics starting from April. But be careful if you come here during the night, as students might get out of control.

Enjoy my student city and my second home!

wawel castle

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