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hitchhiking with friends
The idea of hitchhiking to Szczecin came at the same moment when we found an attractive offer of the flight to Bergen on Fly4free.pl. the deal was cheap for the weekend break and we bought the tickets crossing the fingers that we won’t have exams at the same time.
Honestly, I was shocked that it took us 3-10 min to get a ride for three people. We didn’t even have time to eat, to dance on the road or just chill in the sun. The cars were stopping right away.
I will briefly describe our savers:) we had an opportunity to spend 2 hours with a TIR driver, who is a hitchhiker today!!! He is 65 by the way and his next journey was planned for the next Monday. He was going to hitchhike from Poland to London.
it is getting more and more difficult for me to stop a car on a highway. So I just go and talk to drivers on petrol stations and parking places. Hope, I will get to England in 24 hours.

Hitchhiking has no age limits, babe!

After that, we were grabbed by a young man, who works as a coach for different firms. My travel mate Maja is in the process of studying Psychology and disliked this kind of profession so as a result, we got a fascinating discussion between them.
Next ride was given to us by a man whose work is to help homeless people and help them to get out of poverty and life on a bench.
We were dropped to the gas station and after 7 mins of taking photos and recording stupid videos a car stopped. Mike was a Photographer who was going towards Szczecin to take part in the local festival, not far away from our destination. The day was extremely hot and the conversations were extremely exciting. He was kind of guys who open right away and can’t stop talking. It seemed like we were old friends who met on a road by an accident.

– I’m going to Deep Lake to chill out and wait for the festival. If you want, you can join me and we may make grill all together. 

– Sure! (Spontaneous decisions always win!) 

We went to the cheapest supermarket, bought the healthiest sausages we could find and headed to the sandy beach by the lake. Songs, grill, the sun, and a new hitchhiking trip was awaiting us.

We got safely to Szczecin on Friday evening. A man who from the first sight looked as a serious conservative person gave us a ride. It turned out he was passionate about history and disputed Ukrainian issues with us.
To sum up, we spent 9 hours on a road and 3h eating grilled sausages. Five strangers helped us to get to the final destination and we safely met our new friend from CS in Szczecin!

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