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If Norway is not your top 5 countries – go there. If it’s not your bucket list country – buy a ticket and go there! If you’re experiencing depressive mood because you’re single or you’re bored or you’re sick and tired of your full-time job – go to Norway. This country is a treatment for every your falling-out. And Norwegian men will revise your school knowledge about Vikings (if you know what I mean).

That’s a country that combines beauty and luxury mixing deep transparent water with huge snowy mountain summits. The balance of life makes you stop and look at deafening North birds, sit by the lonely white or red or blue house and chill with a hot wine next to a beloved. This country had to be described by every poetry and every romancist.

I’ve got a message from a friend who I met a couple of months before during my New Year trip to Zakopane. He brought me happy news – he was about to join us to the waterfall the next day. He had been living in Bergen for 7 years already and had been exploring the paradise of rivers and lakes for all that time. We couldn’t even dream of any better accompaniment.

We wore the warmest cloth we had (eventually it didn’t help us – Northwind is merciless) and at 9 am we left the city towards new horizons. 2.5 hours later we were walking on the edge of the Vøringfossen. I would be full if I tried to describe the feeling of standing in front of something unbelievably huge and captivating your entire personality.

Eidfjord – the small village on the fjord with the same name that lies a couple of kilometers from Vøringfossen.

It was empty, only some locals at bars and cafes. All hotels and resorts were just closed and made the town even more unrealistic.

When we came back, we didn’t want to waste any minute and were already hiking to the highest viewpoint of Bergen. It took us 1,5 hour, a bottle of water and thousands of calories – the route was made of rocky stairs. 1,5 hour of hiking the stairs – legs burn like hell and you look at people jogging there with huge animal eyes.

However, we did it. And the view worsted it!

The day was beautiful, daylight at night and tired bodies at Norwegian dormitory with more love to this unbelievably picturesque country.

Tip: if you are planning to visit Norway, do it in spring-summer time. Days are longer and the weather doesn’t rise more than 25°. However, plan all the optional activities. The weather changes at the dramatic speed and you can always spend a day in a museum, good restaurant or aquarium. Make the most of Scandinavia!

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