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It was really a challenge for me to decide where to start a story about him, what to tell, what to leave for myself. I have decided just to share his life with you…

Christian was brave and determined enough to stop the routine life working in a family business, to stop life when a next day is a reflection of every previous one. His heart was too young and his body was too energized to sit at home.

Chris has been traveling the world for years, has found friends in post-communist countries as Poland and Ukraine, has partied on islands of Scandinavia and remote ones in oceans, has bungee jumped in most spectacular places of Europe such as Switzerland, has skydived in Norway and conquered not one fjord, waterfall or mountain.

“Girls, you are so lucky to be able to experience Norway with him!” – we smiled and went with our host to see the street art of his friends. Chris has introduced the culture to us, gave us an idea of free real life. His room represents all spheres, all hobbies, all dreams. Books of history of craft beer, vinyl discs, DJ sound system, sleeping bags for travelers, a cup of hot bean coffee, two cats that steal every piece of bread and jump on your knees every time you have something tastier than animal feed, and music. Non-stop music that charms. Chris knows how to listen and hear other people. He has never rated us nor judged. He can understand every crazy, abnormal, deranged story of your life. “You know what, I did the same if not worse! Haha!”

He has never graduated the university. There was no need. “Too cool for the school” – replied Chris and started the story of his trip to Ukraine. His big enthusiasm for sharing the experience has led him to start his own company “Gosta“. They specialize in connecting travelers worldwide, showing them Stavanger and neighborhood, providing them with authentic stories and giving them a feeling of being a Norwegian.

“I wanna be a social thing. It’s not about money. It’s about making friends and sharing the beauty of my country! Yea, and it’s not that bad to be paid for it also:)” He knows most people who live in the city. They all love him, they all join him for the trips, come to the festivals he organizes. He has shared also an upcoming event – his idea is to “rent” a fjord and make a party/festival on it. Haha, typical Norwegian Friday night. I was not surprised to hear such an idea after finding out that they managed to make a party on an island with a burning man made out of wood pallets. Emotions worth to experience!

-How is your surname pronounced?

– Just say O’yeah! That is how it’s – said Chris, wearing an oversized bright sweater and headed for the car keys to drive us to his favorite fjord!

– So easy and so true, O’yeah! 

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