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The day on the fjord completely sucked our energy out. We reached a ferry station hitchhiking and thanks to the group of students from Stockholm I experienced the ride in the trunk for the first time. Not that bad, I really enjoyed the view from the back window:)
As we got home Chris had already planned our evening and invited us for the boat trip to the island, barbecue and evening tea at his friend’s house. Completely happy and excited we wore one more sweater, scarf and joined his friends!
Who could even imagine that it was normal for Norwegians to take a boat on Monday evening, gather all friends and cook a delicious dinner on the remote island near Stavanger? “Don’t think that all Norwegians are like that. Most of them are work and family concentrated with strict life rules. We are just an exemption”. Couldn’t even imagine bigger luck!
Our boat contained 9 soulmates: Canadian, Norwegians, Polish and finally Ukrainian. It took us 20 min and we reached an island passing by old bridges, port, lonely Scandinavian houses and enjoying the sea breeze with salt taste.
We came to the bunker, turned on the music, made a fireplace for the grill and started integrating. You might think that’s the moment when alcohol helped us to get to know each other and warm up ourselves. I have to disappoint you. Everyone was drinking only beer, eating hotdogs and grilled vegetables and talking. No phones, no internet, no snapchatting with friends. Just barbecue and we. Amazing feeling, I should admit I was so sorry for our nations, for our people back home who cannot imagine 5 mins without social media. I was so sorry for myself. We didn’t form the stable groups, we were all changing our interlocutors, topics of conversation. We could talk about ex-husband, children’s behavior, global warming, and Eastern culture. No limits!

Later at night, we took the boat and drove to hipster’s house on the same island. There were approximately 20 private houses and owners never locked the doors as there was no need. Friends of Chris welcomed us with big hugs and smiles. We spent the rest of the evening in a great multinational company:)

Just one more funny thing about that evening! As we arrived at the port and as I was totally sleepy and tired, I left the boat, stepped on a pier, one more step and oops I’m in the water. I was dressed as a big cabbage and got totally wet. Thanks to James, a wonderful Canadian man, who took me out so quickly, I didn’t have time to panic. Unfortunately, I buried my phone in the salt water of Norway, but the feelings I got… oh, worth it. “

Stavanger is a calm city in the middle of paradise. 10 mins and you see the most spectacular views, fjord, climb the cliffs to waterfalls, have a picnic on the bay with seagulls and sunshine. 10 more minutes and you enjoy the sunset on the beach, throw little round rocks to the sea making a wish. Can you even imagine bigger luck for us? Thank you, soulmates, thank you Norway! Thank you, Ania and Maja, for making my week awesome!


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