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“White Nights” – as they’re called in my home country, really impress. People set the meeting for midnight, go for a beer or a coffee at 1 am. They party with no dawns, time loses its value. One day smoothly creates the next one. That it’s what you have to experience in your life.

We stayed on CS with a Mexican boy who lived in a dormitory. We were extremely excited about the student life in one of the most expensive countries in Europe.

So, just for you to understand Norwegian dormitories have nothing in common with Ukrainian/Polish student residences at all!

Each student gets an apartment with two rooms (a bedroom and a guest room with a long wood desk) and a bathroom! The whole room is made up of deep dark yellow wood. It gives you overwhelming feelings that you don’t rent but own this place somewhere in the forest. The guest room is that big that we managed to sleep in five people the next day. David’s room was also large and would be able to give a couch for 2-3 people.

The kitchen was situated just in front of our host’s room. It reminded me of a big studio for an international family. A big woody dining table was located in the center and five-six chairs, comfy sofa next to it. Every resident owned a shelf in the fridge, all dishes, tableware as well as some different kinds of tea and coffee were for students’ disposal. The University of Bergen managed to give its students a second home and a feeling of the real natural North.

The day was rainy and windy – typical for Norway. They never check the weather forecast “It will be raining today. Don’t believe this lying sun!”. Quite quickly we checked all sightseeing points starting from a well-knowing Fish Market just by the coast and then headed to the Brygge (old part of the city).

We were walking back and forth stepping on every beautiful street, taking photos next to every colorful house with a geometrical pattern on it, when suddenly rain started. Not really suddenly. Suddenly could only sun come out from the clouds, but not rain.

It was far away to the nearest café or bus stop.

      – I just wish there was someone who could give us hot tea and dry sofa. – said Maja

      – Let’s just knock on the first door!

I went, I knocked, and we met a smiling girl with a beautiful name Mari.

 – Of course, girls, come in, come in. Take a seat. Do you want a cup of tea, coffee? 

Mari lived with her boyfriend Nick, who came to Bergen from England and stayed there with her. He was a musician and didn’t mind singing a song and playing the guitar. He brought a harmonica offering me to play with him. I am so sorry that they all were witnesses of my epic failure playing on it. At least we all laughed 🙂 Later on it turned out our rescuers were addicted to travels. Nick has already explored a big part of Spain during his life there and now he was discovering West Europe thanks to

Later on, it turned out our rescuers were addicted to travels. Nick has already explored a big part of Spain during his life there and now he was discovering West Europe thanks to Europe Rail Passes.  They are not planning to stop their journeys. I’m sure, the longest and most fascinating rides are ahead of this incredibly kind couple.

After the long talks full of smiles and laughs we went to conquer Bergen with the heavy clouds above our happy heads. Bergen seemed to be magnificent


Masse kjærlighet til Nick, Mari og David !


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    June 26, 2017

    How did you get to Norway? Bus, ferry, train?


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