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“Oh, you must be very rich to go for the weekend to Luxembourg just to enjoy the city” – I hear it every time I share my news with people.

Luxembourg has always been a top country with the most expensive accommodation, transportation and luxury restaurants on every corner. Even the name of the country screams about its exquisiteness and superiority.

The country itself doesn’t differ from Belgian or French countryside. Well-built houses, sports cars, long bills at cafes. Nature mixes with slow wine breaks. No one is in a rush. Slowly and gleaming.

The capital is tiny but has located a castle, river and ice cream corners as well as restaurants where elite comes only in cocktail dresses holding beloved by the arm.

We used Couchsurfing to get to know local people and were lucky enough to be hosted by one of the richest men. However, prosperity didn’t kill kindness and generosity in his heart. Being extremely wise and friendly, our host shared not one story about the city, his life, personal opinions about the place he lives and plans for the future. Our conversation was long, gripping and full of smiles. With the first stars, we entered a French restaurant that was located on the main square and had live music all evening long.

As you might guess all the meals were delicious. However, it was the first time when I tried lobster and clams, so I don’t really know if it was the best seafood ever, but the waiters in elegant suits persuaded me to enjoy every piece of fresh delicacy.

We spent only a weekend in the country of Lux. A tiny city and its picturesque sunsets made me believe that there are still societies that don’t really care about the rest of the world. They can afford to have their own. Only they know, If it’s really true or not.

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