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We started our day at 6 am.

…on Krakow – Katowice road near Balice Wiadukt stop. Our flight was scheduled for 7 pm. So we had approximately 12 hours to get to Germany. Even 5 mins didn’t pass and one car stopped. Two Dutches were just coming back home and driving to Wroclaw Airport. They were hitchhikers in the past and made their trip through the western part of Europe.
Boys even changed their way to the airport just to bring us to a better place where we can hitchhike again.
We said goodbye to them in the traffic jam before the payment gates and started just wandering between cars asking for a drive:) soon enough two Polish men agreed to drop us t Berlin as they were going to the Netherlands!

I think it’s time to make my own trip to Holland:)

Those men were just regular builders with a very common stereotyped perspective of the world. I can’t say it was easy to find common points of views or agree with any opinions. But seriously, we did our best. I have to admit we should be great full to them as they brought us to the Schoenefeld airport in spite of the fact it wasn’t in their plans.
And here is a moment when we got into trouble. We got to the airport but not a proper part of it. We were one of the first visitors to the new department. It was huge and empty. Have you seen the movies where there is a scene with a world after an apocalypse? That looked the same. There was nobody to ask, to help… the weather was also against us and we did approximately 5 km in huge cold and wind and finally found Burger King with people inside.
it’s 10 km from here. You came to the newly built airport that gonna be opened in a year. – informed a cashier.

A right of a sudden, 6 sports cars arrived at the petrol station nearby.

We exited the cafe and I started asking if anyone goes towards the old airport (what an insane idea? Why men in their middle age whose only purpose of driving sports cars is to show off should drop us to the airport?)
Paradoxically, but one of them took keys right away and said: ” Yea, I will bring you there!” 

Summing up, we got to Berlin 4 hours before pour flight! Really recommend this hitchhiking road:)

Four days later, we faced the same challenge but this time I lost.
We landed at 9 pm and at 10 pm I was running like a crazy lost Polish who wanted to get home asap! They ALL refused to help us! Most of them didn’t even look at us, even those with Polish car numbers. I just make myself believe that we were in such a situation due to late night and darkness, but not due to the people’s bad mood.

We slept over at the airport!

I personally think that department D is the best place to sleep. I have never seen more comfortable sofas at any airports!
At 6 am we were on the road. After half an hour dancing, singing, taking selfies we were picked up by polish men who were coming home from the work on construction.
They dropped us to the first village after the border. The second drive gave us a track up to Katowice. The truck driver was an extremely positive man, and we had an endless amount of topics to talk about. He has traveled all over Europe, Asia, Wild Siberia and recalled his days in “corrupted Ukraine” and in “communist pathless Balkans”.

– The best, the most breathtaking roads are in Switzerland! 

The third hitchhike took us 3 seconds. We just asked a guy at a petrol station if he wanted to take us. He was a Finn man, who spent his biggest part of life in Vladivostok making money on casinos. He met his wife there and brought her to Finland where they have two kids. He perfectly spoke Russian and was curious about Russian-Ukrainian relations from my point of view,
Summing up, it took us 7-8 hours to get back home from Berlin despite weather conditions (it was raining and snowing all the way!), so I highly recommend to go to Berlin this kind of way:) 

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