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The Vatican. What can I say? That was the fastest visited country ever. I got first impressions hearing screams, happy voices, buzzing and seeing police checking everyone willing to get to the tiny country.

vatican viewLater, there was a huge queue of people trying to get to the National Museum of Vatican. I am always so impressed by people who can stand for hours just to get to one desired place.

I’ve never had enough patience to survive it

The border guards (if I can call them so) were smiling with all 32 teeth and politely asked us to show all our belongings.

visit vatican

The main square was full of internationals, mostly from Asia. Mari and I were struggling to take any photos with a nice Vatican view. You can see, that we epically failed.

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Unfortunately, all tourists and locals who sell 1-euro water and selfie-sticks have made the historical center of religion super commercial

It was so difficult to notice the beauty of clear white architecture, columns, monks praying for peace and health. You need a super powerful fantasy to stop for a minute and imagine the entire country empty with the loveliness of centuries. Or just wake up with the sunrise and explore the country of Catholicism.

Rome for a weekendI am sure I will come to visit Mari soon and then we will sacrifice one good deep sleep and will go to meet the sun in the Vatican with some good cheese and a bottle of … hmm, wine.

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