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Maybe Rome for lunch?

Rome was the least expected travel destination for me.  I never put it on a Bucket list, never talked about it, never dreamed about it. Suddenly my brother bought tickets, and I rushed to the plane to visit our old friend in Rome. In addition, I had the most difficult week at my Uni, so the escape to Italy seemed to be the best option.

On Tuesday afternoon I landed at Ciampino Airport, that seemed to be right next to Rome. Ten minutes later I understood that Italian transportation reminded me of my summer experience in Latin America. The first bus had a delay of 25 min, the metro – 10 min and the third bus didn’t have any schedule for the obvious reasons. However, the crowd on a bus stop gave me the cue that they had been waiting there for long.

There was a traffic jam that was rather typical for capitals, but the drivers seemed to go crazy

Every car tried to overtake buses, taxis, and pedestrians supporting it with beeping and buzzing. You know that Italian way of swearing with all those gestures, curses and spurts.

I just dove in this street drama

Suddenly a little girl ran into me holding big pizza. A bus finally arrived and with a smell of pizza, I felt how strong my hunger was. One more hour later I reached Mari’s home. The flight from Nuremberg to Rome lasted one hour and 10 min, but the hunger game in a capital almost 3 hours. Welcome to Italy!

a city-break to romeWhen I got home, the most delicious pasta made by my friend was already waiting for me

I was so exhausted but two-hour talk returned me my energy. We hadn’t seen each other for 3 years and I couldn’t believe that there were so many things to share with her. However, Rome was waiting for me as well.

visit romeI enjoyed my evening walk to Coliseum and caught myself on thoughts that five hours earlier I was looking at the sky in Germany, smelling the brewed beer and greeting my Erasmus friends. Now I was captivated by the smell of caramel, vanilla and hot risotto served with a glass of old wine.

Suddenly Europe has become so small for me

what to see in romeWhen I got home completely exhausted I was welcomed by Mari’s friends and new pasta with a bottle of rose wine, of course. I can’t describe the taste of that dish – the unknown ingredients, cooked in a special Italian way and seasoned with some Ukrainian species. The wine did its job and I wanted to talk to my new friends all night long.

I have heard that it is impossible to see Rome in one day

Hah, we did it. Of course, there is an endless amount of museums, galleries, coffee shops and tiny streets that we might have missed. But trust me, with a proper local you can feel Rome even in one day. We made our way from Pantheon to Piazza Venezia, to Castel St. Angelo and visited an old hospital with a unique inner garden. A quick coffee, croissants and walks through those tiny narrow streets that attract all Instagramers.

rome for a dayI was extremely lucky and had a chance to visit a University in the capital where we had a tasty lunch. I continued the exploration of the center of Rome Empire and met the sunset near Coliseum.

what to do in rome

where to eat in romeSo Rome, I really recommend everyone to visit this city once, get to know the places where the history was made, where brave soldiers sacrificed themselves to majesty and glory.

But on the other hand, there is today’s Rome that is begging, collecting every cent and selling low-quality bags on the streets.

There is Rome that has drowned in chaos, mafia, quick deals and immigrants. I never expected it to be so multiculti. People from every corner of the world have come to build a new empire here. All Asians, Africans, and Latinos are working hard to renew the glory.

best spots in rome

tour in rome

best streets of romeMari and I got a new bottle of dry vine, 4-cheese pizza, prosciutto pizza and shared the dinner with flatmates. What an amazing ending of my Roma Trip. No words can describe how much I am grateful to this brave, beautiful, hardworking and dreamy girl Mari.

Two days spent with you created my best experience in Italy so far and brought a new fairytale that I will keep forever! See you soon!

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