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There is a bus stop where a well-known marshrutkas stop and where all Romanians hitchhike. We are lucky enough so one local showed us that place. Due to that high competition among hitchhikers, we were just trying to grab more attention, dancing on the road, singing songs (I’m so sorry for all the pedestrians).
Suddenly a man that was exiting the nearest market, approached us and gave two bottles of water. Just like that. Just because he saw us on the street on a hot day. Isn’t it nice?
Later on, a car stopped. A Romanian man was driving to the village in our direction. Thanks to one more passenger who also joined us we were able to communicate in English-Romanian language. When our driver found out that we were hitchhiking to Belgrade, he decided right away to drop us to the border. He was a typical Romanian, a little bit big, smiling, kind man. He hugged us strongly despite the fact we didn’t even talk much.
The border crossing was very fast and the emptiness was shocking.

Tip for crossing Romanian-Serbian border:

Make up a story about why you entering Serbia, who you’re visiting, how much money you’ve got and all the details concerning your leaving. Honestly, we were lying to them as we had no friends in Serbia at that time, no pocket money, no transportation.
The border guarders looked at us and asked with faces full of disgusting “The closest city is 10 km from here. How do you intend to do that?” 
When we just crossed both borders we were welcomed by the Serbian track driver, with whom we spent 4 hours driving to Belgrade. He was one of the kindest and generous people I have ever met! He treated us as his best friends or even daughters. That man was learning English when traveling the Balkans “How can I say that? And that?”
He was taking care of us as no one before on our road and always repeated “That’s not your problem where I will drop you. I will not leave you alone”. He bought chocolate cookies and energy drinks and started telling his histories.
When we arrived at our final point he started calling our CS host, he was persuaded that we’re close friends and his duty is to come for us. He didn’t leave. He was waiting with us all the time, just to be sure that he will pass us from hand to hand safely.
In half an hour, our host came. And we began our adventures with one of the most incredible people in the world!

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