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I have been hitchhiking only a year and my first experience was in France on a short road Beauvais – Paris. After a couple of mounths, I tried it again in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Sweden. Each and every time I had a fair deeply in my heart. What if nobody will pick us up? What if it will be too cold and dark? I have always been responsible for one more person as I never travel alone.
I always feel it’s my duty to take care of and protect my travel mate as all crazy ideas belong to me.
On a Thursday morning, I got a call from Paulina. She asked if I want to relax a little bit and go to Zakopane for one day. I agreed, of course. I couldn’t stand smog in Cracow any more. Without a doubt, we wanted to go there by hitchhiking. While I was staying on a highway that leads to all southern cities of Poland I could feel how I hated all those drivers. They didn’t even look at us. We were invisible. Everyone passed us, spilling us over with water and making even more wind. I was freezing, disappointed and so angry with the rest of the world.

What were they thinking about when they saw two girls with cardboard?

Just when we entered a gas station a young lady approached us. “I go to Myslenicy, 20 km from here. Come with me!” Later we found out she used to hitchhike and managed to conquer all countries from Poland to England. She could understand us. Finally, someone felt what we felt. “The Polish are not that friendly and opened to strangers as the rest of Europe”. Agnieszka was a good storyteller and shared her hitchhiking experience. “Only now I can understand how dangerous it was. But then… a beautiful time!” Wished good luck and we continued the adventure.
We were jumping, dancing on a highway. We knew nobody would stop here. It was forbidden. I was looking for any Cafés or gas stations on google map in case it would be dark, cold and not funny anymore. Imagine my shock when a car stopped. “They might be crazy if they stopped here” – I thought. “It’s gonna be interesting” – I said. Three boys were going to Zakopane just to drink and party as they said.

 #soulmates 🙂

All in all we exchanged our FB pages and spent the whole evening together. We met their friends, went for dinner, drank hot wine (not only wine, to be honest). “Girls, you will never be able to come back to Cracow when it’s dark… you know Polish people may think you’re murders or rapists!” OK, #weliveonlyonce and stayed in Zakopane with our hitchhiking saviors for one more day. We were walking and singing stupid songs, we were dancing all night. Rafal was playing the guitar with strangers on the street. Kuba was telling funny stories from his childhood and we all just gave ourselves a chance to feel free and young. And we had gotten acquainted only 5 hours before it!
hitchhiking to Zakopane

And the point is, guys, you may be scared a thousand times. You may be girl, blonde, with red lipstick or a backpack, but you can always rely on people that surround you. They may show you the way, give food, warm and roof for the night. Stop putting all people into boxes. Not everyone who has opposite sex wants to rape you, not everyone who is stronger wants to rob you, not everyone who is walking with a bottle of vodka is low-intelligent. If ten people reject you, the eleventh will hug you.

That is a point!

Thank you, boys, for taking care of us!

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