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Bavaria is often associated with Octoberfest, tons of sausages and winter skiing. But what if I tell you that is a place where poets used to write romantic stories, men confess their love, and students make the craziest parties.

What if I tell there are tons of adorable villages for a one-day trip. And millions of internationals making the most of their time in Germany.

So here I am and my magical map of Top best place in Franconia that I discovered during my Erasmus year and a short plan!

First of all, the Bavarian ticket – 25€ for the whole day or if you go with friends it can cost you even 11€! Let’s spend money on beer than on dozens of tickets!

Nuremberg – 2-3 days

I would be mad at myself if I didn’t put Nuremberg as my favorite German city.

Yes, this is a place where I spent the most days in 2017 and 2018. This is a city where I discovered New Me, fell in love,  survived winter, danced at Latin fests, drank beers at Franconian fests, and rode roller coasters till I couldn’t stand anymore. Besides its rich history and was the favorite city of Hitler, Nuremberg has lots more to offer. Christmas market was claimed as the most magical place to drink glühwein (mulled wine).

During the summer, Nuremberg becomes an epicenter of sports – Wöhrder See, Wöhrder Wiese, public pools, volleyball competitions on the main square (Yes, artificial sand just in the downtown and beer pubs all around).

Techniker Beach Tour 2019 will be hosted on 31st May! So book your tickets!

Nuremberg is all about river channels, bridges, small houses, dark roofs, Erasmus parties, international evenings, couple dinners, and “Ein Bier, bitte!”


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Würzburg – 2 days

I would name it as a royal town. Just because it doesn’t remind a typical Bavarian place, it gathers thousands of tourists. Würzburg hosts the biggest Africa Festival in Germany, Spring Fun Fair (March-April), Mozart Festival  (May-June), and my favorite Würzburg Wine Village (May-June).

The best part of it – the entry is free! And most of the times you can try the local delicacies right there!

The city even has its own wine and a wine bridge! Yes, you heard it correctly – not a beer bridge! So plan a nice calm evening in Wurzburg and it is only 1,5h by a regional train from Nuremberg.

Erlangen & Furth – 1 day

Most people think about these two towns as the extension of Nuremberg, just because the University Campuses are spread all over them. But these two cities are a must visit while you are in Nuremberg.

Erlangen hosts the biggest annual beer Festival of Franconia (Bergkirchweih Fair) 6-17 of June. And, yes, Bavarians prefer this one to Octoberfest, as it is way more local, cleaner, and cheaper.

Still, expect to pay at least 8€ per beer. During the event, you can take a ride on a roller coaster or grab Franconian specialties.

Furth is way smaller and has no border with Nuremberg, but it does have a cute center with small coffee shops and ice-cream trucks. Moreover, thermal baths! 11€ and it will be a perfect end of the day after tons of Bavarian sausages.

You can get to Erlangen using S-Bahn or regional train (20-30 min), and to Furth by U-Bahn or S-Bahn.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber – 1 day

There is nothing better than to dive into the magic atmosphere of Bavaria. It is only 2 hours from Nuremberg but is uniquely cute and has plenty of Instagramable places and pubs worth visiting.


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Bamberg – 1 day

Everyone in Nuremberg will recommend you to hit the road to Bamberg ASAP. And yes, it is way too stunning to miss it The river coast,  bridges, churches, parks are magnetizing all travelers. The city is especially beautiful during the Christmas flu and sells the typical Bavarian souvenirs at a high speed.

Regensburg – 1 day

Germany’s medieval miracle with colorful building here and there. Tiny streets, Narrow parks, gastronomical centers. No need to describe it just go and visit this captivating city that is only one hour from our Franconian capital.

Felsenbad Pottenstein – 0.5 day

If you are already tired of pools and baths, visit this nice natural pond that is only 1,5 hour from Nuremberg. It will give you a good dose of relaxation and bring you a bit closer to Franconian nature. You may rent a bike and have a good ride around the pond before the bathing. And a picnic! Yes, food comes first!


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Una publicación compartida por •Dari•Taveller•Photographer (@travel_out_bubbled) el


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