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After a wonderful day in Saxony, my father brought me to the city of Nuremberg, to the city that has to become my home. I chose to live in the dormitory and experience my last Bachelor year to the fullest. I have been to Germany a couple of times and visit Bavaria once last year.  The day we moved to Bavaria was Saturday and it was impossible to check in for the dormitory, nor to get the keys, nor a student card.

Nurnberg viewI came up with an idea to introduce Couchsurfing to my daddy. I was really nervous about finding a proper host and make my dad’s experience the best.

It was wonderful.

We were hosted by a Nigerian man, who left his home country more than 10 years ago in order to study in Oxford, then in Cyprus and finally in Nuremberg. The way Temi welcomed us was just amazing. He cooked delicious dinners: pasta with shrimp and baked chicken with risotto.

He was always repeating: “Please, use, everything you want. This is your home as well”. The man has such a  big heart full of love towards people. Some years ago he started a charity for African children and helps them to get a high-quality education. He has been traveling for years and has seen the poorest regions of Africa as well as walked on the richest streets of London. He has been experiencing life every day and dreams to see new fjords, new islands, new towns. Maybe hitchhiking as well, hm?

What could I have wished better for my dad? Now, he is 100% persuaded that Couchsurfing is worth to try. Where will his next experience be?

where to go in Nuremberg

Nurnberg downtownDon’t think that we were sitting all day long at home asking Temi about his life, we went exploring the city. And both of us fell in love with the river, lakes, a castle, countless parks, tiny streets and houses in Bavarian-Scandinavian style. We found the heart of the city in the downtown and the lungs in forests. The soul was wondering somewhere next to the old moor and coffee houses. We managed to taste Bratwurst, take beer and wine for me, visit a street market, listen to street singers and musicians and also overhear an excursion about the history of the city. Oh, I just wish I could bring all my friends here to show this beauty!

Just look at these photos! You will understand what I meant!

Bavarian life

Where to go in Nurnberg

what to see in Nurnberg

best of nuremberg

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