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Two years ago I came to Dresden with my brother and a friend. We were on our European trip that started from this beautiful city in Germany and ended on the Italian coast. I fell in love from the first sight. It seems like the city as everything from historical old town renewed after the Second World Was to electronic clubs, graffiti walls and coffee houses.

Dresden downtown

what to see in Dresden

best of dresdenThis time I came to my old CS friend Lucas with my dad. After a delicious pasta cooked by my friends, we enjoyed the nightlife of Dresden. It was my first time in the New Town where everything seemed to be so colorful and bright even without street lights. Lucas took me to meet his friends From Syria, India, and Germany. I got to know so wonderful people who have traveled to Madagascar, African Islands, Asia, the USA and are planning their new adventures to undiscovered places. After a good Indian dinner and a bottle of white wine that tasted so good after a long day, guys decided to show me the nightlife of Dresden. We checked out some Friday parties and let all our emotions get out! The night was awesome.

couchsurfing in Dresden

views of Dresden

what to see in DresdenThe next day we managed to explore so many different areas of downtown. The weather really helped us a lot and awarded us with a sunny, clear sky.

Every time I come back to Lucas it feels like I reunite with my brother. We cannot stop describing our adventures and share a hitchhiking experience. Lucas makes his way to Morocco and back. The boy had enough passion for this country to learn Arabic and help people while traveling through the country.

Can’t wait when he will show all the secret places of Morocco!

visit Dresden with friendsI am counting my days down till my next trip to Dresden and I know it will be so soon as from now I live in Bavaria. See you all soon!

where to go in dresden

dresden view

visit dresden

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