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I found the sun in Cologne

Cologne has been on my list for a really long time, and I always wanted to get there for their annual carnival celebrated in the mid-February. However, this how unlucky I was and got my last exam the exact the same day the event was. Anyway, there is always a reason to go to Cologne. I had a direct flight from Warsaw, where I was applying for my new visa (the worst procedure humanity could ever make up). I landed in midnight and as you can guess I tested the airport for the sleep-over comfort.

Honestly saying, after my Baden-Baden experience, I doubt something can be more catastrophic

It was quite cold and quite bright. Firstly, I tried to stay inside the Arrivals Department, but I was successfully kicked out at 2 am. With the first sun rays, I discovered McDonald’s on the 3rd floor with long comfy sofas! This spot is highly recommended. And the view in the morning is magnificent: airplanes, new passengers exiting the aircraft and the smell of freshly brewed Mc coffee. Mmm!

Feels like a hotel 🙂

Best Cologne views

Cologne awarded me with incredible weather. For the first time since the winter started, I saw the sun on the German sky.

The city is structured in such an awesome way so that you find yourself in downtown once you exit the railway station. The great Cathedral of Cologne is just right there. Don’t forget to climb to the rooftop of it to enjoy the view of the city. I was kind of fool and forgot to leave the backpack downstairs. So 10min climb up the stairs with 10kg on your back is not the best idea, if only you haven’t been skipping the workouts recently.

The center was quite small, or was I too lazy to explore more? In order to escape the dizzy smell coming from bakeries, I headed to the riverside.


cologne in a day

Cathedral of Cologne

Both sides of the river are really spectacular with lots of spots to chill out or have a picnic

Also, I noticed an attractive building on an island where a beautiful view could be found. I found out it was a chocolate factory. If you ever been to Germany, you have probably tasted Lindt choco bars or seen golden bunnies 🙂

So that the exact place where you can witness the production of this paradisiac food. There is also a lady like an angel…

Who will give you as many waffles covered in milk chocolate as you wish

Lindt factory

The factory-museum is rich in historical information as well as explains all stages of the growing beans, transporting them, production sweets. The place is highly popular among pupils as they literally filled every corner of the building.

So, the day was really productive and I met the sunset on a train heading to the Northern part of Germany to start my 2-month adventure in Hamburg. So excited!

best Cologne views

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