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Two years ago my family decided to show me the fairy tale that took place in every small city in Europe. At that time it was my first trip to the West, to Christmas markets with Santa Clause and gingerbread. We started our way from Cracow to Dresden and stayed there only for one day, unfortunately. I should say, Germans can really create something unbelievable and make you believe in all those reindeer with voices sweet like chocolate. There were all types of chocolate you can possibly imagine: mint, raspberry, orange, cherry with some white chocolate pieces. Just heaven for a sweet tooth. Every food truck presented its own unique history. Fairytale heroes were situated in the roofs of the trucks and made a magic performance in their own small world. Magnificent.

Dresden Weihnachtmarkt

Dresden Christmas MarketAfter a couple of hours of walking, we drove to the Czech Republic and dove into a new Christmas party

Old bridges, castles, and museums – everything turned into one big theater where animals revive. No words can describe how happy I was. I just wanted to try every cookie, every tea, smell every cake and hug every Christmas tree.

Prague view

Prague castle

Later on, Vienne welcomed us. The grandeur and splendor of Austria capital captivated you. Every next street was just bigger, wider, lighter and more decorated than the previous one. Every Christmas market has its own special mug that you could take with you after drinking punch or glühwein. What else could have been better?

I left my heart there. I was almost crying leaving the city the next day

vienne for Christmas

Wien christmas

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The last destination was Budapest. I recall how I visited Budapest when I was 8 years old. However, back at that time, I had no interest in those riversides, castles, parks and night walks. All I cared about was to get new M&M’s. Ten years later I was just grinning from ear to ear and made thousands of wishes watching Christmas firework. It turned out we met the Christmas morning in Budapest and were surprised with such a lovely atmosphere that filled every corner. If you ever watched those popular  Christmas movies from the 90s, I got a feeling that I was Kevin McCallister somewhere in the Hungarian capital.

Budapest Christmas

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