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Being an Erasmus gives you some privileges and you can visit really exciting places Just for free. Me and 35 more students of FAU were lucky and got an opportunity to visit one of the oldest breweries in Bavaria called Lammsbräu that products bio beer and soft drinks.

Neumarkter Lammsbräu

Neumarkt The brewery is situated 30 min from Nuremberg called in the city of Neumarkt and presents a huge territory with a such a strong smell of beer production.

The town reminded me small doll house that all little girls get for their birthdays

The town was small, clean and colorful. All seniors were riding the bikes, kids – skateboarding and grabbing sandwiches from the nearest fast-food trucks. When we got to the factory the lady in her middle-ages welcomed us and starting showing every step of production.

beer production

Lammsbräu bierDo you know that the proper organic beer doesn’t leave much foam after you finish it?

Otherwise, artificial compounds were used to achieve fluffier foam.

Do you know that the taste of beer mainly depends on the inside of hops?

The Lammsbräu has its own farms with fields of hop that are also grown in a natural way. After visiting main rooms and seeing the oldest boiler for brewing we ended in a huge hall full of beer barrels. The lady invited us to try light and dark beer just after its cooking. I am not a beer lover and always order wine when there is a chance to chill out. However, the taste really differed from all those tons of student beer that I have had an occasion to try. Especially the light one made me love the smell and taste of fresh Bavarian hops.

beer production

Lammsbräu After all, we enjoyed the ending of the excursion watching some good documentary films about the production of beer and were treated with new tastes of soft drinks, juices, and even more beer.

Can you imagine how much alcohol was drunken by the tired students who chose Germany as an Erasmus place just to have a cheap access to this drink of the Gods?

Oh man, it was an unstoppable party and with first stars on the sky. We finally took the train back home. What a good and tasty day! Hope it wasn’t our last excursion.

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