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I was kinda skeptic about German small towns. When you Google it, they all look the same – flowers here and there, little colorful houses with brown roofs, seniors riding the bikes and kids chasing balloons. On Sunday morning my Argentinean friend Camila and I woke up to a spontaneous decision to go to a small town called Bamberg that so many people describe with big eyes. I was thinking about spending a good sunny day in a new city rather than be surprised by beauty.

visit bamberg

what to see in bambergYes, they all do look similar as all rivers contain water, all balconies give the shadow to flowers and all streets are walked by people.

However, Bamberg was a new perfect reality

We got to the city at 10 am when all the tourists were sleeping after a long Saturday night and headed straightly to the streets where only locals live.

local tips for bambergJust try to feel what I felt. You walk a narrow street, all leaves are falling down creating red carpet under your feet and you see a granny walking with her golden retriever. She greets you “Guten Morgen” and passes you with a wide smile. The next man reaches you and says “Good morning” as well. Everyone treats you like a good neighbor.

when to visit bamberg

what to see in bambergWe walked a lot that day. We visited all cathedrals, churches, and monasteries where a beautiful view was. The weather was better than wonderful and we chilled in the City Park with some homemade meat pancakes from my mom. Although the park was so small, the riverside was just taken out of reality.best Bavarians towns

When I will be a granny, I want to own a small house with such an amazing view and two dogs that will bring me morning newspapers every day. Haha, just perfect!

visit bavariaBamberg has also plenty of big stores for Christmas decoration, for flowers, for postcards, for small umbrellas and for little cookies with some pinky cream on it. Oh, I was so hungry when I saw all those delicacies. Yam!

views of bamberg

Hope, all other small villages, and riversides won’t disappoint me in the nearest future and the weather won’t be “Bavarian”!

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