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From rainy Baden Baden to a cold airport night!

Make me a favor and never visit Baden Baden in rainy weather. I was so lucky and spend the whole day in a stormy downpour. After two hours I stopped caring about my only one pair of jeans and boots and really tried to understand the city I got to.

backpacking in Germany

Baden Baden is like a piece of French cake accidentally brought to Germany. You will hear more “Bonjour” than Guten Tag and will see such a great variety of pies, macaroons, donuts, and cookies that after that the marathons under the rain seems like a good punishment.

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And the houses are so beautiful! There is a small river running through the town and makes the place even more adorable. Every corner was decorated with plants and benches or coffee tables were there for everyone to enjoy the view and insane smell of coffee. I can only imagine how wonderful everything might look during normal spring days. I definitely have to

…come back

what to see in Baden Baden

Also, there is a wide choice of thermal baths, so lots of rich French people come here to relax in peace. Surprisingly, Russians formed the second biggest group of foreigners. I have no clue why that distinction is so popular among them, but the fact is all of them were traveling to Strasburg and back. That is why Russian Airlines have rising popularity for this route.

Why did I end up in Baden Baden on Saturday? I was asking myself the same question when was trying to figure out where to sleep over. The thing is I was going to the German Embassy in Warsaw and Ryanair offered a really attractive price for that route – 8 euros. Such a perfect enticement!

So after 6 hours of chasing three trains, metros and buses I finally got there. I tried not to believe all the info from official websites where they clearly stated that the airport is closed for the night. I truly believed I would find the way out and there was always a right to stay in a Departures Department, if only.. it was not closed after the last flight. So after the last arrival, I and 15 more depressed tourists were asked to relocate to the small place between two main doors. Everything seemed not so hopeless if not the fact, that the doors had an automatic motion detector. It simply meant that every time someone moved his leg or head the doors opened for 10 seconds letting the 2 air in. Funny, but about 5 people had such a strong willingness to move their body parts all night long.

The only fun thing that I wasn’t alone and it kinda made me not feel so stupid.

But for all of you – here is a site with really useful info about airports and resources inside of it:)

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