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People are right saying Southern France is completely different and has nothing to do with the Northern part. I got to Toulouse in the evening and had a chance to walk from the city center to the neighboring district next to the railway station. To my big surprise, the city was empty. I might have met less than 20 people during my 30 mins walk. Later, my French friend explained that all French were gone to sunny beaches of France, Spain or doing their shopping in Andorra, or hiking in the Pyrenees. Fair enough, that was a long weekend of Saint Maria holiday.

The next day gave me enjoyable weather with blue sky, the sun, and some clouds. It wasn’t extremely hot, so I managed to do more than 12 kilometers visiting all the sightseeing points. Toulouse represents itself the endless amount of old pink and orange streets, many churches from the Gothic period and enough galleries for art lovers.

There is a long wide river Garonne that divides the city creating some peaceful island where you make your picnic or walk with a dog. I was lucky to meet some happy hitchhikers from Romania who came to Toulouse from the Western part. As I expected the way from Bordeaux took them a couple of hours and was pleasant.

The only summary is hitchhiking in the Southern Part of the country of macaroons and love is fast and beautiful if not to take into consideration their lack of English.

I loved their street markets. Old farmers gather together to sell their crops, flowers, hand-made buckets, beautiful towels, tablecloths. There was a loud buzz of talks all around me. Sellers were putting graves, apples, sunflowers in my hands. And that was so delicious. I couldn’t resist and bought some sprigs of grape.


I would say, that Toulouse is the same everywhere. Every next street differs only by its name and cafes located on it. There are no drastic changes from district to district. Everything seems quiet, organized and a little bit boring. I don’t wanna judge its nightlife as I haven’t experienced it yet (my 5-day trip with everyday hitchhiking took all my energy) but the French city made an impression of a city “boyfriend, wine and romantic”.

All in all, Toulouse is charming with a light note of floral scent.

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