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That is obviously a country not for everyone. Sweden is like a spoiled highly intelligent young XIXth century girl. She loves luxury, big clean rooms, untalkative people, fresh clean air and fit food. The girl stays strong, always goes forward, never apologizes, never looks back.

I have had a chance to meet only one Swedish young heart – Stockolm. The girl is full of deep, hidden emotions. Old ancient streets suddenly lead you to the boundless dreaming sea. You fall in love immediately. The girl doesn’t wait. She can give you a chance to relax near the old ship,  give you cinnamon bun with flat white coffee and in a minute push you with a strong wind, dazzle and pull you by hair to the King’s Palace for a picnic. You can be angry million times. You can be frustrated. She doesn’t care. She captivates you with her beauty. Try to resist.

She loves children. Strong families. She teaches fathers to look after their daughters. She teaches them to relax, take days off and go to the park with a gold labrador, sit there and wait for a blonde, tall, charming wife. Does she compete with his this lady? Never. She infuses her with faith, a sense of proportion, of generosity and simplicity. He hugs blondie lightly and they together head for a rich dinner. Children are get used to treating a labrodor with meatballs crunching knäckebröd.


The family won’t ask you about your day, university or dreams. They let you live your own life and create your own path. But you should know – you’re welcome there. Stockholm girl will give you a roof if you ask, a phone if you need, money if you’re hungry. She is kind. She is friendly. She will smile and show you the way to the most breathtaking bridges. She will be waiting for you back in the park with a cup of cappuccino. Coffee  won’t be for you. For her. Why? She lives on another Scandinavian level where everyone has a freedom of making their own decisions and afford them.

Still resisting? Give up, dear!

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