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As an extremely budget traveler I couldn’t afford to visit Greece in summer, rent a boat, swim from one island to another and party every night on a sea cost (it’s still in my bucket list and one day #dreamwillcometrue), but I bought unbelievably cheap tickets from Berlin (15€!!!!) and headed to Thessaloniki. I was pretty excited to scratch one more country on a map and I was just ok with visiting it. However, guys, I was shocked and surprised at the same moment, when I understood the day of a typical Greek. They live in poverty and streets look like not the best districts in Kyiv, people are always hurrying up, screaming, selling, running, buying, eating on the streets, seeking, talking and finally drinking beer at night.

central place off thessaloniki

After a quick student breakfast (warm cheese bread and polish chicken pate) we followed the grannies with big bags to the local market. So how was it? When you enter this dark arch, right away you become the biggest attraction for every seller. Some just offer you to try some kind of cake, others – to smell fish, next one pokes you and asks if you have a boyfriend. Everyone tries to catch your attention and crowds all goods into your pockets. If you become interested in any stall, you will feel distrustful looks from women next to you.

greek market

Honestly, I fell in love with sellers and climate that they managed to create. They are so in it. That is their bread and water. They love it. They can tell the whole history of a miserable piece of meat and teach you how to cook it in a Greek way.

I was also overwhelmed by the number of animal organs on selling. You are able to put together the whole body of a sheep like Lego: here is a brain, there – eyes, a little bit further – heart and stomach seasoned with herbs. Yuuuuum!

People! My main topic! They create the culture, history, and atmosphere. Greeks… I didn’t feel the great long and amazing history of Ellada (yes, it’s only a port city, but still), for some reasons only a long defensive wall and white columns remain us about something big. Nowadays history and economic situation have ruined the pride in Greeks and have put them down on the international stage. However, the short stay with a young Greek man has proved to me that the Patriots still live and have huge hearts. Our host without any hesitation gave us keys to the house, provided us with warmth and drove us to the airport at 4 am just because “Buses are damn awful and we haven’t had time to talk about your life yet. Let’s go!”

white tower of Thessaloniki

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