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The day I came to Brussels there was a terror attack right in the city center, on a railway station. I was there a couple of hours before. Nobody died, fortunately, and a would-be suicide bomber was killed by Belgian police.

What is wrong with this world?

I can get the terror attack in a parliament, political meetings, where bosses of the countries are engaged, where heads of businesses meet and decide our future. That would have an explanation. However, I just froze at one place after hearing this terrifying news. Every time a terror attack is committed, innocent people say goodbye to their lives without even a chance to look in the eyes of their children, beloveds, and parents. Just because someone is making an act of revenge. How would the deaths of hundreds of strangers help you? Ah?

Although, Brussels is as good as it always was. Despite the fact Brussels lies on a crossroad to Paris, Amsterdam, it has even more to offer its visitors. Food, drinks, tiny adorable cafes and green valleys. It takes your breath away with a smell of hot waffles with a caramelized topping. Never buy them in overrated streets cafes where sellers put extra crème, fruits, chocolate just to cover the taste of… NOTHING. Go and find little yellow tracks that move from a place to a place offering waffles for only 2 euros. Look for Belgian fries (Yes, Belgian! Never French. They were born and spread all over the world from Belgium), take a sauce different from ketchup or mayonnaise and feel old traditions, walking on colorful streets experiencing the rapidly changing weather.

– Everyone loves beer. There are no exceptions.

Says Paul, a guide from a Free Walking Tour. Locals love to repeat that they don’t even try to compete with Bayern beer drinkers. They already won. A local pub has deserved the place it the Guinness Book presenting 3000 beers at one place. This type of alcohol is as unique as nowhere else. You can exit your “bubble” and taste caramel beer, lemon or berry one, taste a mix of different examples and fall in love with the city one more time. The bottles are smaller, often have comics heroes on it (btw, comics were introduced to the world in Belgium as well). Usually, beers have more than 5% and make you become funnier faster than in Germany. That’s why pubs are always full, loud and bit with fast live impulses.

Why is it a European Prostitute?

No one ever asks why the UE is centered in Brussels. Why not Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam? Political life is even more dynamical there.
The point is that Belgium used to belong to everyone in Europe. France, Germany, Denmark. They were united, cropped, divided, ruined, stuck together and finally independent. They had been being thrown from one king’s hands to another’s. Belgians didn’t have homes, flags, a language, only memories of belonging to this land. Years passed and during the opera in Brussels a man stood up “Belgium Independent” he screamed. People were annoyed by his behavior. “Belgium independent” – stood the next one. They stopped a performance, run on the streets and started a revolution. The revolution was caused by art. Belgium became a country because of the art. Beautiful? It’s beautiful.

I always judge cities by asking myself “Could I live here once? With no regrets of leaving my present place?” 

Brussels represent a city of luxury and calm, multi-culti and traditions with old roots. It’s huge but charming. It could be a place for living.

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