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Andorra is one of those countries that are so small but contain everything that your soul needs. The capital would be the best described by all shopping malls and restaurants. All people from neighboring villages of France and Spain spend their time shopping for tobacco, alcohol, and outlets.

With taxes free policy and high competition, Andorra does its best to offer the best prices for the Pyrenees region. You can buy cigarettes 4-5 times cheaper than 200 km to the South. That’s why the city flourishes with tourists, cafes and… Dogs! Almost everyone owns a little cute puppy or a big shepherd. Most stores and restaurants have no problems with having small guests as well. That’s really shocking. Just imagine to enter Zara or Starbucks and be surrounded by ten dogs. I am so sorry for people allergic to fur.

After some hours of shopping with my travel mates and their two dogs, I started my new way towards France. As you remember I was struggling all my days carrying the suitcase and that day wasn’t an exemption. However, after 10 mins walking to the highway a car stopped (I was not even hitchhiking. Just holding a sign). Belgian family agreed to bring me to Foix that is approximately 100 km from Toulouse.

I was pretty lucky to enjoy the most spectacular views sitting in a good car. Belgians didn’t speak English at all so that was a moment when I recalled all my French skills from the primary school. Haha, my French sucked.

Andorra is impressing. It reminded me of Norway without water between the hills and the endless amount of small villages, wide highways, and ski resorts. When you ride through all these mountains, you witness some cows and sheep picking the green grass. Further, there is a stone-made castle with flowers around it. I can’t even imagine how beautiful it might be in the winter. I have to come back to check it out.

My next ride was given by a man with a kid. They grabbed me and another German hitchhiker whom I met in Foix. The family even drove me extra 10 km and totally excited to get to Toulouse I started my last ride with an older man who despite my “Je ne parle pas français” was speaking unknown for me language all the road. And that was funny. I got almost everything he was so eager to explain to me. Thanks to gestures, mimics, and maps, one hour later I got to Toulouse. And here my French adventures began.

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