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First five associations that come when you hear Spain? Sand sea cost, samba, hot blood, delicious jamon, Tomatina and vine? I had always been thinking that this southern country was mistakenly overrated and the whole story was decorated. I left my heart in Spain. The culture and people totally absorbed me.
My brother has introduced me some of the most beautiful places: Alicante, Valencia, Villa Vieja where he spent his childhood and Madrid (I know that Barcelona or Malaga are even more impressive, but it will be my next trip, I promise 🙂 )

Let’s start with Alicante and one the most difficult nights of my whole life!

It was the beginning of October, when everyone was wiping their pants during classes, gritting his teeth while liking my photos, I was conquering the old castles, sunbathing, eating tons of mandarins and drinking ten fresh vines on a bay.
However, everything started dramatically. We landed 12 km from Alicante and as you can guess we headed to the city center on foot! At night! Hungry and tired! It was pretty funny as we had enough time to argue and discuss every silly thing. As it turned out we had to make 3 more kilometers to the downtown to the railway center, I took a deep breath “It’s nothing for us!”. During that night I cried, laughed, yelled at my brother, run away from him, splashing in the sea, came back and just understood – Perhaps he loves me if he didn’t kill me! We were planning to sleepover at the railway station (as a part of my cultural integration with Spanish people) but as we expected it was closed. It was a little bit cold, at approximately 16°. There was no wifi connection- no chances to book any hotels or Airbnb room.
Thanks to my university hitchhiking mate Olga and her funny experience in Germany that she shared with me a week before I knew there was only one more option – ATM room. It’s always opened, clean, lighted and warm. I know how it sounds but it wasn’t that bad at all. We put our jackets and towels on the floor, hugged each other and I even managed to fall asleep. After two hours some children started knocking on the window and we decided to start our day with a cold “shower” at the railway station and a “rich breakfast” consisting of one croissant and latte in a small cafe nearby. Not a bad experience, all in all. I was even happy and full of energy to climb the mountain under the scorching heat with a 10 kg backpack.

We overcame all the unbearable stairs…

…And reached a top point with a picturesque view of a port. Sat down and made a picnic full of warm crisp bread, Jamon, salami, cheese, and tomatoes. The pineapple juice made the lunch even more splendid. Sun was shining brightly and I was just enjoying life on the opposite side of my home country.
(Here you can see some tips for your trip to Alicante)
One hour later we were swimming in the sea washing the tiredness from the last night. Then we took an extremely weird and uncomfortable shower where normal people wash their legs from the sand. Haha, that wasn’t that bad. We just couldn’t wash off all salt but the bottle of Desperado improved our mood and we continued to conquer Spain in Valencia!

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