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During my transfer in Madrid, I had 1Madrid 0 hours to explore it. Although it was my second time there, I had enough time for seeing most beautiful streets, attraction and almost die on the hellish sunshine!

This time I was an extremely budget Madrid tourist buying nothing! I was walking all day long from one park to another falling in love with every orange tree on the street and smelling huge flower bushes in the parks.

The mercados (markets) of Madrid were like scenes taken from fruit and mean paradise. I couldn’t walk by the tracks and didn’t buy a fruit grown by Spanish farmers. The dinner was perfect.

Sitting under the palm in one of the local parks – life can be beautiful even with 5 euro budget

Madrid seemed relaxed as never before. Locals were just chilling out under the palms, kids were coming back from schools with their dogs and parents. Seniors were doing grocery shopping for the weekend.

Another thing I loved was the way Spanish women dress – simple, comfortable and stylish. No extra make-up, no high heels, only wide light trousers, ornamented silk shirts, big sunglasses, and a broad-brimmed hat. Ladies were coming from shops and markets with bags full of fruits, baguettes, and tomatoes. Sun was heating up the Madrid life.

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