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I won’t open America if I say that the Earth is polluted and we gotta act now. For most of the people being eco is pretty boring that’s why I want to bring the eco-living/eco-tourism in Warsaw a bit closer to you. And plus – it will save you a tremendous amount of money on transportation while traveling all over Europe! Let’s start!

Ride it high, ride it fast!

Thank God, now we have plenty of options for any type of people. For decades we had only bikes as a way to stay eco. And to be honest, after being raised in a country where not the driving rules are not obeyed by everyone, I got a fear of being knocked down on a road when riding my small and nice “Porsche”.

1. E-scooters – the solution to all fears or laziness

Public E-Scooters LIME in Warsaw! It is an easy way to get around Warsaw without any public transportation as it is pretty flat and the city center is not big.

Costs: 2 zł / 0.5 € = unlock

0,5 zł / 0.12 € = 1 min

No registration fee.

In case u want to get 3 free rides, use my PROMO CODE PRJEYQZ

They also have public e-bikes – don’t forget to check it out!

Moreover, Lime Juicers give you a way to earn a bit! Take the eco – scooter to the charging point and you can even earn up to 150€! Damn. I feel like I am about to become a Turbo Lime Juicer!


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2. More scooters! But wear a helmet, man!

Blinkee.city entered Poland as well! Same algorithm: install, add your docs pictures, unlock, wear a helmet, ride it with a wind!

I have tried them in Valencia and It was one of the best things I have ever done!

TIP: save money and ride together with your friend! There are scooters with a double seat just check it out in the app!

Costs: 0,59 zł / 0,14 € = 1 minute for non-students

0,5 zł / 0,12 € = 1 minute for students

Remember: it takes up to 24 h for Blinkee.city to verify your IDs. So plan ahead.

e-scooters in warsaw3. Finally free e-Bikes!

Veturilo has started conquering Warsaw a while ago. You will see people riding these eco-bikes everywhere.

Costs: 10 zł / 2.5 € = registartion fee

0 zł = 1-20 min

1 zł / 0.25 € = 21-60 min ride

Remember to have at least 10 zł or 3€ on your bank account to be able to use the service.

I find this idea extremely good, but the only con is that you will hardly ever find a bike available. Everything is taken… Sad!

4. What if you are coming from the airport or railway station and have tons of luggage?

Use UBER or Bolt to get home. Why is it better for the environment? Because the nearby drivers can pick you up and as a result, less fuel will be burnt than if a taxi driver will drive 15 km to get you.

If it will be your first time using UBER download an app and put the PROMO CODE – darynap21ue

Bolt is a bit cheaper option. The same, download it, put promo code and get – 50% for the first ride.

It will cost you up to 4-5 € to get to the city center from the airport


Have a safe ride, my dear!

5. And finally, get a car!

What is car-sharing? So there are cars puts all over the city. You come to it. Put the code on your app. Unlock the car. Drive it. Leave it. Pay for it little money.

Here are the top car-sharing in Warsaw.

  • 4mobility – nice cars, available at lots of places and save your time!

Costs: 0,5 zł / 0,12 € = 1 minute

0,8 zł / 0,2 € = 1 km

  • Traficar – is spread all over Poland and is highly available at lots of popular spots.

Costs: 0,5 zł / 0,12 euro = 1 minute

0,8 zł / 0,2 euro = 1 km

0,1 zł / 0,02 euro = 1 min stop

car-sharing in europe

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