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When the sun went out and Montenegro started singing a lullaby, we got to Tivat. The city of thousands of yachts, hotels, women wearing high heels and little black dresses holding their partner’s arm, laughing and holding a glass of old wine. The seafront was overwhelming and differed so much from Budva or Bar, where all class societies could have been found. All palms were lighted up, all ships and boats were glossy, clean and irreproachable. You could just guess what kingdoms are kept inside of such perfection.

hitchhiking to Tivat

couchsurfing in Tivat

Tivat nightlifePort of Montenegro amazed me with its inaccessibility and royalty during the fire-red sunset.
The next day brought even more adventures when we got to Dubrovnik with a Polish couple. The city was literally taken from a children fairy tale. Millions of narrow streets, old lamps, small balconies covered with purple, pink, orange, yellow flowers and old people who were watering the bushes nearby created the magic of the city.

tivat travel

dubrovnik view

dubrovnik viewHonestly, neither Maja nor I can stand crowded places with thousands of tourists and cafes selling overrated flat white. However, it’s not about Dubrovnik. Despite queues, million of tourist groups, excursions, and outcry, we fell in love. For the first time in my whole life, I got enchanted to the tips of my fingers. The next time we travel there, we will wake up at 6 am and go and see the city after night miracles.

Now I really get why Game of Thrones chose this place. It must be insanely wonderful with only locals walking there and telling old stories.

Unfortunately, we had only one day in Dubrovnik. The reason was the lack of any hosts or available hostels, where we could possibly leave the backpacks and sleep some hours. In the evening we were knocking almost to every guest room asking for any place.

– If you don’t have the reservation, forget about a hostel or hotel in Dubrovnik. It’s full. 

We got the same answers everywhere.

dubrovnik city viewI would say 98% of all houses, buildings, gardens were transformed into Airbnb places, hostels and everything was taken! We had no options, so we headed directly to the port. The border guard let us stay there during the night. The Port of Dubrovnik is a nice, warm, safe place with

The Port of Dubrovnik is a nice, warm, safe place with a good bathroom, many sockets, wifi from the cafe nearby and friendly workers. We managed to do laundry, take “shower” and have sweet dreams during the night downpour. So Lucky! The rain didn’t stop when the sun arose. We had to hitchhike again, to the North.

So Lucky were we! The rain didn’t stop when the sun arose. We had to hitchhike again, to the North.

kayaking in croatia

croatia view

dubrovnik castle


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