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So when I moved to Poland 4 years ago, in the beginning, I had so many ideas for free-time activities. However, the truth was that after some months I ran out of the ideas. Once the summer was over and the days were shorter and colder, we switched to home parties and coffee mornings. The days were warm and cozy but lacked the adventurous part. I had the same story when I moved to Germany and Spain. Every time, you face a situation when you don’t have a significant amount of money on the bank account, but your soul is craving to have some active leisure.

So I have gathered my favorite and cheap leisure activities that I am sure you will be super excited to do.


Screenshot the list and send it to your adventurous friends!

The Best Travel Leisure Ideas on a Tight Budget

1. Kayaking

Okay, if you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much I adore water activities. You can even just offer to play water ball and I will be already the happiest person on the Earth. So kayaking is one of those sports that I am always up for. If you rent kayaks for 4-6 people the price in most of the European countries will not be more than 15€. Plus. you can grab food and make a picnic on one of the islands or on the beach.

A con is you need to have a river or lake or sea not far from your city. But remember that you can always go hitchhiking or use a car-sharing option.

2. SUP Day

I would say it is a more relaxing activity than an active one but it is just a perfect way to train your balance a bit and have a fun day. Luckily, you can do it on every lake or in the calm sea. Google lakes nearby your location and find a SUP renting service. In most of the cases, it will cost you between 10€ and 20€.

SUP for students

3. Skateboarding Day

There is nothing more exciting than getting new cool skills. Just grab a skate or a longboard and go on a street. Meet people who skate in your area and ask them to show you some basic tricks. If you can borrow a skate from one of your friends or go explore the city on a skate with them, it would be even better. It is faster and way better leisure activity than just walking.

4. Theater Night

What about dressing up, get those nice skirts and heels or just having a white shirt and classic shoes so to rock the theater. Sometimes it is also important to see some art being created in front of you. If you are abroad, you can always google an English-speaking theater in your city and watch some classics. Most of the time there are huge discounts for students or young people so it might be a cool alternative for cold autumn evenings.

5. Burger Battle

If the weather is not the best and coffee shops and burger bars bore you, this leisure activity might be an awesome way to spend a day together with your friends. Just buy all the ingredients (tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, meat, ham, cheese, salad, cucumbers, mint, basilic, paprika, ketchup, garlic, pumpkin seeds, eggplant, tuna and so on) and try to construct high burgers. One wins, whose burger stands without falling apart. Later just turn on music or watch cartoons all night.

6. Cartoons Night

Popcorn, marshmallows, burgers, juices, mojitos, fruits, pizza and your childhood cartoons all night long. It might be not the most active activity ever, but what a joy just to stay home with your closest friends and laugh all together.

7. Board Games Cafe

I love it! All you need is to get together, order some beers and play the games. Such cafes usually have an impressing amount of board games with instructions so you don’t have to spend money on games. Also, it is an amazing way to get closer to each other and share lots of stories from the past. Once I went to such a cafe in Krakow, and we stayed over 5 hours there.. just playing!

8. Beach Volleyball

From board games to active games. Even if you don’t have a volleyball net, just go to the beach or sports complex and you will find people playing volleyball there. Just ask to join them. Most of the sea-side cities have special events that bring volleyball lovers together. In Spain, Meet-Up App has countless events for people who are just bored on the beach.

9. Hike the Mountains, Walk the Hills

Maybe one of my favorite weekend activities. There are always some hills or small mountains nearby that you can go explore. Even if it is winter, you can just go walk the hills covered with snow. Such regions as Catalunya, Bavaria, Northern Italy, Tatras region are full of easy tracking paths that you can reach by train and spend a day surrounded with nature. If you are a bit scared of taking all the responsibilities of planning on your shoulders, hit me up and I may help you with it. Or worst-case scenario – find guides on facebook groups or on MeetUp App so to join them to the mountains.

10. Graffiti Painting

No, we are not going to destroy the city’s architecture. There are specially organized events when you are provided with a piece of a ‘wall’ so to paint it. Sometimes, organizers even do a class for you of how to make a graffiti better and mix the colors.

11. Morning Yoga

If you are a morning bird, then there will be nothing more exciting for you than to have a morning yoga in a local park or by the sea. Turn out chill music, take some of your friends and meet a day with a sunrise view. If you are a newbie to this kind of activity, search for the local events organized by yoga specialists. The first class normally is for free or costs up to 7€.

12. Rollerblading Through The City

If you know how to rollerblade, this leisure activity is for you. So imagine, a group of people gathers together and explores a city with a speed. Some big cities have official events when the roads are blocked for the cars and all the inline skaters conquer the highways and streets together. I have taken part in such events in Krakow, Katowice, and Barcelona and it was just WOW. The feeling of flying through the streets with people just like you is just unbelievable.

13. Horse Ridingstudent activities

So if you are a horse lover just like me, that would be an amazing weekend activity for you. On Groupon, you find easily a deal for horse-ride not far from your city. I had the luck to get 5 classes for less than 20€ and enjoyed my ride in a Polish forest with my friend. Plus, some hours spent with animals have a relaxation effect so it is a great way to get ready for a working week.

14. Aquapark Weekend

What about finding a good deal on Groupon or Airbnb Experiences and head to a nearby aquapark for a day. Most of the time a day in an aquapark will not cost you more than 20€, yet you can enjoy water sports, slide rides, and hot jacuzzi. When I lived in Ukraine, I used to have this winter tradition with my brother – we would go to the aquapark every my birthday.

15. Hot Springs with Mulled Wine

When the temperature is dropping down and you are lacking hot cacao at home, hot sprigs with some mulled wine will be the best leisure you can imagine. Search for the natural hot springs in your area or just google the hot bathes in your city. To level up your lazy day you can watch a movie afterward or chill with good music. If you are a real fan of hot springs, check out Budapest, Karlovy Vary, and Baden Baden for some real SPA days and nice wine.

16. Outdoor Cinema

Maybe not a cold-weather activity but it will be so much if you join an open-air cinema night, grab some popcorn, pizza, and ice tea and just chill with your closest friends. Sometimes local governments organize official cinema events that have pretty good discounts for students. So check them out!

17. BBQ Party on a Rooftop

rooftop bbq

If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop or a big balcony, you can make that party start with some home-made burgers, grilled veggies, mojitos, and old-school music. If not, just look for a spot in a park or a forest (where it is allowed to have a BBQ) and bring all your friends. Take some board games, Twister, Monopoly and just enjoy sun rays.

18. Weekend Camping

Pack a backpack, take some sandwiches, a water bottle, a tent and just go! Go and explore with your friends or family. Try to disconnect from city life and forget about your every-day routine. Put a hammock and make a BBQ. Read a book or play some games.

 19. Charity Events

Community days can be a way to get to know new people and impact your city. There is a great variety of charities: from dog shelters to food-sharing and cooking from the leftovers. Grab your friends and find a charity in your town.

Trust me a feeling of doing something good is amazing!

20. Indoor Trampoline Park

What about going crazy? Dozens of amusement parks or trampoline centers have monthly discounts for those who wants to come with his friends. And it is so much fun if you just jump with no limits for a couple of hours.

21. Jam Nights

To say I love the Jam night is to say nothing. I am a big fan of jazz and blues so if there is a jazz bar close to you that invites local artists to jam and rock the night, then just go for it! You can easily get a light drink and enjoy a concert all night long!

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